Heavy Days In Doom Town

Final line-up poster for HDDT III!

Here is the final line-up poster for HDDT III by The 13th Sign Collective! We will soon print posters, flyers and stickers, so please get in touch if you want us to send you a package to distribute in your local area, on tour with your band or through your label. If you are interested, please drop us a line at heavydaysdoomtown.info@gmail.com.

Presales are going well, but please remember that the “Heavy Packages” and 4-day tickets incl. the warm up show are limited and will sell out. The warm up show will be Thursday May 1st at Loppen, Christiania with EAGLE TWIN (us), SWITCHBLADE (swe) and YURI GAGARIN (swe). Besides that there will be an art fernisage at Gallopperiet below Loppen from 17.00 with accoustic live music with SANGRE DE MUERDAGO (es). So if you dont wanna miss all that, please go and secure yourself and your favorite one a ticket here, before its too late; http://billetto.dk/heavy-days-in-doomtown-iii-1st–4th-may-2014

If you can´t afford a ticket and still wanna go to the fest – don´t despair! We´ve got an option for you too…! You can volunteer and help out your favorite DIY doom festival. Please drop Maria a line at heavydaysdoomtown.volunteer@gmail.com and she will sort you out.

Please feel free to spread the word online about HDDT by reposting our poster and link for the presale!

Thanks for the support! DIY or die!


Eagle Twin (us) to finalize the HDDT III line-up!

Tonight we are presenting the final band for HDDT III and thus completing the line-up! We are excited about the way it came out and we are looking forward to spending a great weekend in May in Copenhagen with all of you doom fanatics out there! The last band we are announcing is a great 2-piece from Salt Lake City signed to Southern Lord Records; we are excited to bring to you – EAGLE TWIN!

Eagle Twin will be performing at the warm-up show at Loppen, Christiania alongside Switchblade (swe) and Yuri Gagarin (swe). In the afternoon before the show there will be an art fernisage at Gallopperiet below Loppen with live acoustic music by Sangre De Muerdago (es). Tickets for the warm-up show are limited, but there are still some “Heavy Packages” and 4-day tickets incl. warm–up show available at http://billetto.dk/heavy-days-in-doomtown-iii-1st–4th-may-2014. More info on the warm-up show soon.

EAGLE TWIN (us) – Southern Lord Records
Eagle Twin is a two-man outfit from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States formed in 2007 featuring Gentry Densley (Ascend, Iceburn) on baritone guitar / vocals and Tyler Smith (Form of Rocket) on drums. Eagle Twin’s music could be broadly classified as doom metal or sludge metal, but also touches on progressive rock, blues rock, jazz fusion and psychedelic rock, featuring lengthy instrumental passages and Densley’s gruff, half-chanted vocals, which occasionally veer into overtone singing.

Although Eagle Twin is a very new entity its helmsman; Gentry Densley is no stranger to innovative, heavy music. Densley was the musical visionary and leader of the legendary jazz, prog, rock, metal, hardcore group Iceburn (aka The Iceburn Collective) from 1991-2001. Iceburn has been called the greatest and most important musical offering from Salt Lake City since the Osmonds! Gentrys’ playing has been very influential to a lot of successful modern music groups such as: Isis, Pelican, Sunn O))) etc…

In order to disseminate his majestic and mountainous riffs in the present day he enlisted massively behemoth skinsman Tyler Smith. The drums are not only a driving force that efficiently steam rolls over you they conjure a repetitious mantra that is eerily infectious. Although Iceburn was primarily an instrumental force, with Eagle Twin Gentry is much more vocal and the depth of his lyrics is endless. His vocal evocations bring to mind the hoarse rasp of Tom Waits and Howlin Wolf but possibly channeled through Tuvan throat singers. His voice, is used much like an instrument and often times creates a unique drone of its own. The riffs and music definitely have familiar reference points (Caspar Brotzmann Massaker, Earth, Sunn O))), Melvins etc…) but are crafted in a way that stands miles beyond the others.

Check them out here:



Tomorrow we will post the final line-up poster and we will soon print posters and flyers, so please get in touch if you want us to send you a package of posters, flyers and stickers to distribute in your local area, on tour with your band or through your label. If you are interested, please drop us a line at heavydaysdoomtown.info@gmail.com.

Demon Head (dk) to play HDDT III!

Tonight we are introducing a local act that have reared its ugly head in the Copenhagen scene the last year or so. Recently signed to Levitation Records (home of Doublestone a.o) this outfit is comprised of very active and dedicated young musicians who play in a number of other bands and projects in the Copenhagen underground. We are happy to present to you, a strong new-comer to the Danish Doom community – DEMON HEAD!

Long winters and short glimpses of the sun brought Demon Head to life in Copenhagen sometime during spring 2012. Jamming and refining the sounds of sinister voices has been the purpose since then, resulting in the first sonic outings in the course of the last year. Demon Head is heavy rock, aiming to fuse the atmosphere of 70′s dark heavy metal with twin guitar lead harmonies.

After a tour through the Winterland of northern Scandinavia, this February saw the release of a demo tape that we’ve been dying to put out. The recordings were made when the leaves fell red in 2013 and represent a starting point of what we’re trying to achieve in terms of sound. In March, a 7″ will be born from the hands of ourselves and the Danish record coven Levitation Records. Ride the wilderness with us…

Check them out here:

Demon head_photo_logo_web

Sangre De Muerdago (es) to perform accoustic sets of Galician folk during HDDT!

Today we will start the announcing of the last 3 bands for the fest. We are sorry that it took us so long to get the last names in place, but due to factors out of our control things took longer than expected… We hope there hasn’t been too big of a build-up to these last announcements, because they are “just small additions” and not big headliners. We are pleased with the way this line-up came out in the end and we hope you like it too!

The first of the last 3 bands we will announce is a band that won´t be playing any of the stages during the fest. They will be performing at the Art Fernisage at Gallopperiet in Christiania (below Loppen) on May 1st from 17.00 and then again during the nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday by the burning oil drums outside in the yard of Ungdomshuset. We are excited to bring to you an acoustic act of fine musicians from the punk and metal scenes of both Europe and the US playing melancholic Galician folk; SANGRE DE MUERDAGO!

Sangre De Muerdago puts together the four winds to create a world of fairy-like reality. Calling up our oldest memories and melodies and giving the quieter and more melancholic Galician Folk from the late 70s and early 80s a new dimension, where nature, folk tales, old wisdom, mysteries and love get together to build up a future far from technological civilization. Finger picked guitars, cello, violin/viola, baroque flute and ocassional percussion and hurdy-gurdy, dance together on a beauty invocation, on a feast of passion and melodies that will awake our sleeping “myself”, our true soul. After five international tours in Europe and the United States, Sangre De Muerdago brings us once again to a world of ancient musical enchantment.

“Sangre De Muerdago is an expression of gratitude; a healing experience. It’s the sound of a band with dirt under their fingernails, mud between their toes, fallen leaves tangled in their rainsoaked hair, both a lamentation and defiant celebration of the experience of life in a time of ruin and contraction. It’s a secret whispered between lovers huddled around a fire, a solitary walk through abandoned fields overrun with gnarled apple trees and deer-bed depressions in the grass, the smell of a cedar swamp, a myth spoken in the trills of winter wrens flitting between verdant ferns and rotten logs.” -Worm Gear Webzine

Check them out here:

Sangre de Muerdago_photo_logo_web

Update; last announcements up soon, running order, posters and presale

We are almost ready with the last line-up uppdates for both the last few band announcements and the art part of the program. We will start announcing them in the next few days. We will also be revealing the Running Order of HDDT III when all the announcements have been made public.

We will be printing posters and flyers (A2 and A5) for international distribution. So if you wanna help us with distributing posters/flyers/stickers in your local area, just send us an email with your address to heavydaysdoomtown.info@gmail.com and we will send you a package. The package will include posters, flyers and stickers to put in record shops, venues, your school, your work, the local bar or café or on street corners where stoners hang out…We will send out packages withing the 2-3 weeks.

Presale is going well, so if you wanna secure yourself a “Heavy Package” or a 4-day ticket (which are limited to 300 HP and 400 4-day tickets) you better act fast, cause they are about to sell out. Presale tickets can be bought here;

//HDDT Crew



If you can’t afford the ticket or just think it sounds good to help out on your local DIY doom festival, you should consider becoming a volunteer for the Heavy Days In Doomtown III. We need help with a number of chores/tasks like bartending, cleaning, nursing, cooking, serving but also practical work, such as setting up the festival area etc. and we would be very delighted if you wanna help us out.

You can help out as a volunteer before, under and after the festival. We wont give you your exact chore before we get closer to the fest, but it would be nice to hear from you, so we have an indication of how many people are up for helping out.
If you have special requests for specific chores you wanna do or don´t want to do, we will do our best to meet your wishes.

If you want to volunteer at Heavy Days In Doom Town, Please send an email to heavydaysdoomtown.volunteer(NO-SPAM)gmail.com with following information:

1. Name
2. Email/phonenumber
3. Arrival (To the festival)
4. Departure (From the festival)
5. Days you’ll be able to work (From Wednesday 1st May to Monday the 8th May)
6. Wishes (no guarantees)

// HDDT Crew

Volunteer graphic_web



As you all know Heavy Days in Doomtown is a festival that wants to create an experience not only focusing on music, but also on art and creativity. Since we believe that the genres this festival tries to capture hold more in them than just music. They also include their own unique aesthetics, atmospheres, ideas, visual concepts and moods. Therefore we are placing emphasis on the physical space by filling the room with art and installations we think relates to the music in different ways. We want to put focus on the people behind the artwork that helped created the aesthetics and concepts of your favorite bands, and giving the festival space its own atmosphere.

The past years we have been lucky to be able to present artwork made by great artists like The 13th Sign, David D’Andrea, Glyn Scrawled, Cuero de cuerno, Timo Ketola, Aminah Slor, Manuel Tinnemans, amongst others.
This year is definitely no step back. We are beyond impressed by the work of the artists we will present to you this year! During the next days we will present our lineup, so keep your eyes open for the announcements of these inspiring artists!

Presale is on!

The presale started on January first at noon. Tickets are moving pretty fast, so make sure to secure yourself a ticket before its too late.

The warm-up show sold out last year in the presale and the festival sold out during the fest itself, so there is a good chance that the same will happen this year. We would like to encourage everyone to buy their tickets via the presale and soon, cause its a great help to us to get funds in our accounts we can use for buying flights for the bands and to set up the fest.

The tickets to the warm up show are limited to 400 and the “Heavy Packages” are limited to 300. When they are sold they will be no more for sale, so if you want to be sure to get a HDDT III limited edition screenprinted poster and a HDDT III shirt make sure to go and buy your heavy package before its too late. Heavy Packages can be bought in 2 version – 1 with a 4 day ticket and one with a 3 day ticket.

We dont sell tickets via this website only via Billetto.dk. You can buy your tickets here: http://billetto.dk/heavy-days-in-doomtown-iii-1st–4th-may-2014

“Heavy Package” for HDDT III

The 2014 “Heavy Package” will be limited to 300. When they are sold they will be no more for sale, so if you want to be sure to get a HDDT III limited edition screenprinted poster and a HDDT III shirt make sure to go and buy your heavy package before its too late. Heavy Packages can be bought in 2 version – 1 with a 4 day ticket and one with a 3 day ticket. They can be purchased here: http://billetto.dk/heavy-days-in-doomtown-iii-1st–4th-may-2014

Heavy Package includes the following:
• HDDT 2014 T-Shirt
• 2 HDDT 2014 posters (1 regular + 1 limited screenprinted version)
• Stickers and printed programme
There are 2 different t-shirt designs (see below). They will be available in S, M, L, XL and XXL and in Girlie S, M and L. If you want to pre-order your choice of design and size, please send us an email to heavydaysdoomtown.info@gmail.com. Thanks.

hddt3 shirt band web1

hddt2 shirt design web1

Preliminary line-up poster for HDDT III!!!

Here is the preliminary line-up poster for HDDT III made by the amazing 13th Sign Collective (http://13sign.blogspot.com)!

There are still 2 more bands to be announced within the next month or two, so look out for that! Soon we will also begin to announce the artist line-up for the art part of HDDT and boy do we have some treats up our sleeves for you!


Please help us spreading the word about Heavy Days In Doomtown, by re-posting our poster on your site or Facebook and by joining our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/pages/Heavy-Days-In-Doomtown-a-DIY-celebration-of-all-things-slow-and-heavy/283876344975898) or event (www.facebook.com/events/325680820904425)

Pre-sale starts tomorrow at 12pm! Tickets can be bought from this webaddress: http://billetto.dk/heavy-days-in-doomtown-iii-1st–4th-may-2014.

The HDDT collective wishes everyone out there a happy New Year!

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