Heavy Days In Doom Town

Local upcoming doom act, THE HYLE to play HDDT IV!!!

This evening we are announcing a fresh, fairly new act in the Scandinavian doom scene. Having played only a few smaller scale shows thus far, we look forward to exhibiting them on a grander scale! If you are a local, you may have caught them when they played at Loppen with The Wounded Kings last week ….. if you sadly missed them, don’t repeat the mistake. We present to you Copenhagen’s own, THE HYLE!

There is much more to doom group The Hyle than their recognizable sound, which unifies melody, mood and the mind. The band draw influence from the occult and the esoteric teachings of Robert Fludd (a well-known English physician and investigator of the occult), receiving it’s main inspiration from the gap between existence and non-existence. The sound can be seen as a manifestation of something both created, and creating.
Fludd himself, among others, had difficulties defining the term ‘the Hyle’ – It can’t be described in isolation, because it is in fact, the essence of not being anything: it is infinite non-existence. Therefore The Hyle is not created, for it is the material of which created things spring.

Musically as captivating as the name transcribes, The Hyle are quickly making an impression on listeners. CVLTNATION recently announced their 2014 demo as the second best demo release of the year – and when you experience their sound first hand we guarantee you will see why. Driven by the ground quavering guitar heaviness, the slow tempo takes your hand and hauls you through the waves of density The Hyle procure. The note-perfect vocals float harmoniously atop the swell, and the combination is enthralling. Although they aren’t constructing anything groundbreakingly new within the doom genre, it is succinct to say that The Hyle are breathing new life into themes we have heard before – and exceeding their predecessors. This is a group to keep your eye on, and if you are not a Copenhagener we look forward to giving you an introduction at the final HDDT!

Check them out here:

The Hyle_HDDT_web

Evil Spirit to play HDDT!

Today we’ve reached into the simmering depths of the doom cauldron for yet another band to present to you! We only have a small batch left, and as the festival draws near we will announce daily until we post the final running order!!

Hailing from Berlin, the group we bring you today have melded their individual tastes and interests into their own brand of heavy doom. We are pleased to announce that EVIL SPIRIT will be joining the last edition of Heavy Days in Doomtown!!!!!

EVIL SPIRIT were formed in 2010 to bring forth dark, occult influenced doom with dashes of blackness and death metal extremity. At times the villainous, rasping vocals sink into the core of your spine causing chills – thus to be chased away and replaced by a haunting ritualistic moan. Each track that EVIL SPIRIT put forth is unique in its own calculated way, every aspect of the sound and production dedicated to creating the malevolent atmosphere.
Releasing two demos in 2012 before the 2014 drop of their full length Cauldron Messiah on Horror Records, the band have clearly set their mind to the feeling they wish to create through their music and are executing it further with each release.

As described by Metal Forces Magazine;
“Cauldron Messiah serves up a menu of seven tracks, all of which are daubed in mysticism and morgue-like atmospherics and then squeezed out through some cosmic filter by way of a strangled doom dementia. This is very loud, and very heavy – no doubt created to echo around the cold walls of many a cesspit, and with an extra sprig of horror delirium Evil Spirit conjures up all manner of nocturnal predators which’ll render you speechless and sleeping with one eye open.”
Raw and unnerving, the crawling tension of EVIL SPIRIT will linger on in you long after they’ve departed the stage at HDDT IV!

Check them out here:


Screenprinted poster for “Heavy Packages” finally made public!

Tonight we are proud to finally present to you the missing piece of the “Heavy Packages” – the screenprinted poster by the 13th Sign Collective!

The poster will be included in both “Heavy Package I and II”. Its limited to 333 copies and the majority has already been sold, so if you are interested in securing yourself a copy of this beautiful artwork, a t-shirt and a 3-day ticket for the event – don’t hesitate – go and buy your “Heavy Package” now from this link:

-the poster will be printed with gold color on heavy passe-partout 300gr paper.
-this will be the last and final print that is closing the cycle of the four elements and four years of Heavy Days in Doom Town festival

-the poster will be exhibited along with the other three festival art posters during the whole weekend as part of the art exhibition at Biblioteket. Remaining prints from all 4 years including the prints from HDDT I from David D´Andrea and Glyn Smyth (Scrawled Design) will be for sale.

hddt4 posterart_web

Canadian Hoopsnake to play first European show at HDDT!!!

Everyone has heard about the infamous “B.C. Bud”, right? Pack a bowl and prepare yourselves, the music it fuels is as intensely powerful!
Joining us for their first ever performance in Europe, HOOPSNAKE from Squamish, British Columbia, will be trashing your eardrums and inflicting sickening unease at this years HDDT!!

Canadian trio Hoopsnake are diehard DIY to the core, having self released their discography to date and booked all of their own tours. Driven by some unseen force of brutality Hoopsnake deliver torn throat eulogies for the psycho-actively elevated… if you know what we mean. Harnessing the filth and fury of ten times as many than the three members, the music they spew forth is a misanthropic, punk layered and catchy wall of noise. The trade off vocals of the bass and guitar player are both equally punishing, on opposite sides of the sound spectrum, harnessing the power of the finest kush. Drug-addled sludge laden with murky, swamp slow riffs and tortured howls, Hoopsnake will chew you up with their rawness and intensity – and spit you out into the bottom of a dirty, resin smeared beer glass. DIY ‘til death!

Check them out here:


Finnish Funeral doomsters Profetus to play HDDT!

It is a grey, rainy, and desolate day in Copenhagen today – and there is nothing better suited to the band we are presenting. The deep and dreary Finnish mourners PROFETUS will be moving us all with their funerary art at the final Heavy Days rites!

In 2006 under heavy snow in Tampere, Finland, Funeral Doom group Profetus formed to leave their own traditionally rooted, fresh mark on the soil beneath.

As heirs to early originators of the style such as Skepticism and Thergothon, they seek to drag the decrepit coffin further towards the modern days of misery – without shedding a drop of royal blood into the dust below.

Digging deep into the classic genre atmosphere of the 90`s, Profetus express hopeless, solitary moods and the bleak poetry of Scandinavian down-heartedness, projected against the scenery of it`s unique, raw and godless nature. A pace slow and solemn as the treads of a gravediggers boot, their sound is both crushingly heavy yet eerie and hauntingly beautiful, a truly cinematic funeral procession.

Solemn, majestic organ passages throughout create a feeling of comfort within the discomfort of deep misery. Profetus are the perfect accompaniment to lead HDDT into the mists of the realm of the dead.


Worm Ouroboros cancels Bell Witch tour, HDDT and Roadburn

Today we regress from the jovial air that most of our announcements possess…

We must unfortunately inform you all that we have had a cancellation for HDDT;
WORM OUROBOROS will no longer be performing at the festival.

The band have cancelled their European tour and therefor will no longer be able to play.
They have released a statement for us and Roadburn to pass on to you –

“It is with regret that we must cancel our plans to tour Europe with Bell Witch this spring. Due to personal extenuating circumstances, the trip has become infeasible at this time. Our sincerest apologies to bookers, bands, and others who have been working with us to make this trip happen. And especially to the gracious and talented gentlemen of Bell Witch who invited us to join them.”

We apologize to everyone who were looking forward to seeing them play at the final edition of Heavy Days in Doom Town!

Look out for the replacement announcement later today
//HDDT Crew

4-day tickets sold out!!!

The 4-day tickets are sold out! Thanks so much for all the support!

For the rest of you who hesitated… Don´t despair! We have plenty of 3-day tickets and Heavy Package II left for the main event at Ungdomshuset (Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

But dont think about it too long… Get one now and be sure to be part of the heaviest event of 2015!


HDDT art market!

We have another special surprise for you today. This year we are expanding the exhibition space to also include an ART MARKET!!

Art has always been a very big part of the HDDT experience, and this year we’re trying to make it extra special and bigger than ever. The market will include exhibiting artists work, handmade crafts and other interesting treasures we know you will enjoy. With that being said we’d like to invite you to join us, space is limited so please contact us if you think you’d like to sell some of your wares at the last edition of Heavy Days in Doomtown!

Also, another reminder, we have a few spaces left for the artist lineup, if you were trying to decide whether you wanted to be a part of this years exhibition we highly recommend you email us at heavydaysdoomtown.art@gmail.com now, it’s the FINAL Heavy Days and we would love for you to be a part of it!


4-day tickets almost sold out!!!

We don’t want to stress you, but to all of you who wants to attend all the 4 days of the festival – THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! We have around 20 4-day tickets left, so hurry up and get one before they are sold out!

To the rest of you – DONT WORRY!!! There are still plenty of 3-day tickets left for the main event Friday-Saturday-Sunday at Ungdomshuset!

Buy your tickets here:

Bell Witch announces new album “Four Phantoms” on Profound Lore!

Here is the album cover to the new Bell Witch album “Four Phantoms” painted by the mighty Paolo Girardi. This painting wholly reflects the vibe and feeling of “Four Phantoms”; mournful devastating soul crushing beauty. Release date late April.

Look out for the announcement of the forthcoming European tour “Four Phantoms” from April 9th – May 9th incl. performances at Roadburn and Heavy Days In Doomtown festival. For booking please contact daniel@killtownbookings.com

Bell Witch Four Phantoms cover_web

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