Heavy Days In Doom Town


Pussy A Go Go (swe)

Püssy a Go Go is a Stockholm based music venue/club mainly focused on Trash-, Black-, Heavy Metal, Punk, Doom, Stoner etc.

Doomentia Records (cz)

Doomentia is a label from Czezh Republic who spits out top quality records in the Death Metal, Doom and Stoner genre.


Hooded Menace, Master, Funebraum, Doomdogs, Asphyx, Disma, Earthride, Procession, Moonless

Parasitic records (us)

Parasitic Records is a Portland based independent record label run by Tim from Aldebaran, releasing doom, death and black metal.


Aldebaran, Vassafor, L’Acephale

Memento Mori (es)

Memento Mori is an underground label, mainly focusing on old school Death Metal and Doom Metal. The release policy basically bifurcates in two different directions:

1.To support young/active bands.

2.To recover from the vault of memories some recordings/releases that deserve to be unburied so that everyone that was not there when they first saw the light of day, might be able to enjoy them now without paying shitloads of money on the net.


Mangled Torsos, Morbid Flesh, Shadow Of The Torturer, Cancer Spreading, Acrostichon, Ataraxy, Centinex, Delirium

Transubstans Records / Record Heaven (swe)

Record Heaven is Swedens biggest webshop specialized in Metal, Stoner, Psych & Progressive musc. Records Heaven is also running Transubstans Records who releases records in same genres as the above written.


Graveyard. Mother Misery, Lucifer Was, Øresund Spacecollective, Oddysey, Pilgrym, Skraeckoedlan

Ván Records (d)

Ván, home of obscure, heavy, dark and spiritual art…


Urfaust, Genocide, Griftegård, Burden, Necros Christos, Year Of The Goat

Svart Records (swe)

Home of great bands such as Pentagram, Circle, Reverend Bizzare, Hexvessel and many others. Svart Records believe that vinyl is the ideal format for music. Digital formats come and go, but wax is forever. Svart Records believe that vinyl should be given the care and attention it deserves. It should be properly mastered to ensure it will sound flawless. It should be wrapped in sturdy, thoughtfully designed jackets, which do the format justice.


Magnus Pelander, Reverend Bizarre, Circle, Pentagram, Brutus, Burning Saviours, Axegrinder, Hexvessel, Lama, M.O.T.O, Rytmihäirö, Sabbath Assembly, Killing Joke, Sarcofagus, Katatonia

I Hate Records (swe)

This Swedish labels is right down the alley of the music presented at HDDT. They are home of some of HDDT´s headliners Pagan Altar and Jex Thoth, and have also released great bands such as Nifelheim, Evoken, Serpentcult, Wall Of Sleep and many more.


Fall Of The Idols, Hellish Crossfire, Siebensunden, Space Eater, The Gates Of Slumber, The Puritan, Protector

Throne Records (es)

Throne Records is a spanish record label who definitely dominates the slow and heavy end of metal. The label have recently launched their subdivision Detrhoned Producitons which focus will be on releasing demos and rare recordings.
Dethroned Productions will be releasing Copenhagen based Bottom Feeder´s Demotape from 2011 in a near future


Grief, Monarch, Fleshpress, Possesion, Discharge, Moho, Burst, Amon Ra

Ear/splitters (us)

Since 2009, EAR/SPLITTERS has been a community-driven organization based in Los Angeles and Orange County, California (USA). With a grasp on live events, record releases and distribution, artwork and design, and live as well as online retail, EAR/SPLITTERS demands the attention of the underground metal scene. Reaching beyond local endeavors, E/S has curated and supported both bands and events across the USA. Exclusively distributing RAW BIRTH RECORDS releases such as BOTTOM FEEDER and METH DRINKER, Ear/Splitters have set sights upon foreign soil and partnered with HEAVY DAYS IN DOOM TOWN II for US attention and response. Connecting DIY ethics with a creative vision, EAR/SPLITTERS is a sludge-fueled machine that only continues to gain momentum moving into 2013.

For more information visit one of the links below or shoot a message to contact@earsplitters.com

Metal Magic Festival (dk)

Metal Magic Festival (MMF) is along with HDDT one of the most HEAVY metal festivals in Denmark!
And this is a part of the REVENGE of Danish Heavy Metal…
Next Festival: July 11/12/13 2013
3 days, 2 stages, 28 bands, Camping, Food and Drinks
Bang in a unique relaxed atmoshphere in a very compact and friendly environment