Heavy Days In Doom Town


If you can’t afford the ticket or just think it sounds good to help out on your local DIY doom festival, you should consider becoming a volunteer for the fest. We need help with a number of chores/tasks like bartending, cleaning, nursing, cooking, serving but also practical work, such as setting up the festival area etc. and we would be very delighted if you wanna help us out.

You can help out as a volunteer before, under and after the festival. We wont give you your exact chore before we get closer to the fest, but it would be nice to hear from you, so we have an indication of how many people are up for helping out.
If you have special requests for specific chores you wanna do or donĀ“t want to do, we will do our best to meet your wishes.

If you want to volunteer at Heavy Days In Doom Town, Please send an email to heavydaysdoomtown.volunteer(NO-SPAM)gmail.com with following information:

1. Name
2. Email/phonenumber
3. Arrival (To the festival)
4. Departure (From the festival)
5. Days you’ll be able to work (From Wednesday 1st May to Monday the 8th May)
6. Wishes (no guarantees)

We will do our best to get back to you with an answer, but if you dont hear from us, dont dispair… We wont start making the shifts until we get closer to the fest some time during the spring.