Heavy Days In Doom Town



is the title of an ambitious Danish festival initiative undertaken by the Association called “Undergrundsmusikens Fremme” (UMF) (translated: Undergroundmusic promotion) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. HDDT 2015 will be the 4th edition of the festival.

For the past five years, the association has been organizing the successful DIY Death Metal Festival “Kill-Town Death Fest” (KTDF – www.killtowndeathfest.dk).
During 2011 and 2012 new people and new ideas came to the association and we (…) decided to start this initiative. A (…) subgroup of the UMF has therefore set out to create a platform for all the music genres of the heavy end of the rock spectrum.

We dont want to be delineanted by a specific genre like the KTDF, but rather on the contrary move around in a wider field of musical genres, such as doom, sludge, stonerrock, psych, heavyrock and more. Our goal is like KTDF to bring exposure to Scandinavian and international undergroundbands, and to promote Do-It-Yourself culture and ethics to areas of the rockworld that usually isnt exposed to these ideals. By doing so we intend to create a concretre alternative to the corporate musicindustri. We want to create an event that can be gathering across boarders for musicenthusiasts fra near and far.

The festival has been build on the experiences made through the organizational work, the structuring and the running of KTDF, but we wanna point out that this is an entirely different project and a new group of people cooporating together in the same association and promoting the same ideas.

HDDT IIII will one again be a 4-day event taking place from 30th April to 3rd May 2015 and the final edition.

HDDT is a celebration of the current underground scenes and the active bands and people involved. Our goal is to create a festival that puts the focus on the music and the bands, not on money and prestige. We want to make it possible for underground bands to reach a broader audience beyond their national borders. By doing so we hope to create an international exchange amongst non-commercial underground scenes.

The festival is based on D.I.Y. ethics, meaning that the festival is 100% non-commercial, seeking to be an alternative to the corporate music business and commercial festivals. All the work in the process of organising and during the actual fest is on a volunteer basis, so neither we the organisers, nor the bands playing the fest, are making a profit. That is also why we don’t intend to have headliners; all the bands will get the same treatment. All money raised will go to covering festival costs such as gear, travel, food and accommodation for the bands and if there’s a profit it will go into creating a new festival next year. The structure of the festival organisation is based on participatory democracy, so that all volunteers can have an influence on the shaping of the festival.

Our overall goal is to put the focus and attention on non-commercial music and culture and to give the audience a different festival experience. We hope to make this an annual event with lots of participants, and to give them an extraordinary experience.


In the last 3 decades punk –and hardcore bands from all over the world has been able to tour and release material through the international DIY network, not just in their own countries, but also across boarders. This has resulted in a vibrant and dynamic musicenvironment in constant development.

We intend through the work with this festival to be part of promoting and spreading the same intercultural exchange to other musicscenes, hoping that this will help inspire the creation of other alternative non-commerical structures. We have trough our work with the KTDF had great success by implementing the DIY principles to the different underground Death Metal scenes. We wanna use these experiences to build on and to expand our workspectrum to other different undergroundmusicalgenres.

The main focus of the festival is on the Scandinavian underground music scenes, but will also present bands from the rest of Europe/world. The festival seeks primarily to present bands from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland; by doing so we are trying to create a gathering event for the international underground networks.

The festival wishes to promote international co-operation between bands, bookers, record labels and zines and through that to create an exchange of ideas, experiences, inspirations and knowledge. We want to build on existing networks at the same time as trying to expand and include new people, bands and initiatives that can contribute to the creation of this event, thus strengthening non-commercial underground culture.
The programme is carefully put together of hand-picked bands, all exclusively brought in for this event. Transportation costs are therefore the biggest part of our budget, as it’s expensive to transport non-touring bands here and back. It is of the utmost importance for the festival to present a varied line-up consisting solely of international underground bands.


HDDT is an initiative undertaken by the Danish underground music association “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme” Association. “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme” is an association started by young people from Copenhagen, all with backgrounds in underground music, with the purpose of creating a platform that can expose and spread the knowledge and culture of underground music. The primary goal of the association is to make non-commercial cultural activities such as concerts, festivals and other events, with the focus on underground music.
The association is cultural-political and seeks through its events to inform and show alternative ways of creating and promoting culture. The association is run by a group of music enthusiasts, all of whom share a common vision of creating non-commercial culture. It’s based on volunteers, and so no-one is paid for their work within the activities of the association. The association is also structured around the principles of base-democracy, with no leadership and participatory democracy around weekly meetings. The association is open to everyone; all those who show up and participate can take part in the decision-making process.
We are a diverse group of people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences. We started this project together because we all share a passion for creating culture in an alternative way, to contributing and learning from each others’ experiences and contributions. We are all participating in the process of developing this festival and to tackle the many tasks that come with organising such an event.


The “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme” Association takes its ideological inspiration from DIY culture. DIY means “Do It Yourself” and is about creating your own culture without interference or sponsorship from commercial corporations. DIY is an extensive informal international network of musicians, bands, concert promoters and record producers/studios in which favours are exchanged instead of monetary payment. DIY is cultural idealism, putting itself forward as an alternative to the established corporate music industry by creating and maintaining its own autonomous networks, working as a co-op for non-commercial underground music.
Nobody makes money from each others’ services with the network is based on trust and fairness rather than money and inequality. That means that we’re involved in making culture because we’re passionate about it and love it, not for the sake of money.
It’s important for us that the distance between us and the stage is no further than between us and the next concert-goer; no one is more important than another.
In practice, DIY means that the bands, as “payment” for their show, get quality sound equipment at their disposal, a place to sleep, food, drinks and transportation costs covered.


The aim of the festival is to create an event that will be the frame for underground bands who don’t fit in with the programming of commercial venues and to fill the void that exists in Scandinavia concerning a method of exposure for underground bands.
The festival wishes to give our guests and performing artists a different kind of festival experience, by trying to create a space where everyone can feel welcome in spite of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age and economic/cultural background.
The festival thus intends to contribute on two levels; namely, by creating a channel for underground bands that doesn’t exist already, and thus showing that music and culture can be about more than money and “success”. At the same time, we’re trying to create an atmosphere around the festival that is tolerant, open, gives space for diversity and that can inspire to a different way of interacting where for example women or homosexuals don’t have to feel uncomfortable nor harassed.