Heavy Days In Doom Town


Here are descriptions of all the bands playing HDDT with links so you can get to know all the bands a bit better before you come to Copenhagen. We hope you enjoy! They will be posted one by one as they have been announced.

Abysmal Grief (it)

Abysmal_Grief_web1Abysmal Grief hail from Genova, Italy and began in 1996. The band plays DOOM with a lyrical focus on horror and the occult and can be seen as a direct continuation of the Italian horror doom legacy mastered by pioneers like Paul Chain, Death SS and Black Hole. The band has released three full length records, including 2013’s Feretri, and numerous EPs and have since 2009 been released on the Danish label Horror Records.

The concept of the music of Abysmal Grief is based on the medianic relations with the World Beyond and the inner spiritual research by the divination of the deceased. The deep contemplation of the funereal mysticism (far from every kind of religious conviction and connected to a serious and objective interpretation of occult texts) provides the starting point for the drawing up of the lyrics, often inspired also by the interest in the Horror cinematography and literature. The music is partly influenced by the Dark Rock of the Seventies and mostly by the tradition of the Italian Dark Sound, and must be considered as a sort of soundtrack for the narrations.

“To be born, to die, to be reborn again and to always progress, that is the Law.”


1998 – Funereal (demo)
1999 – Mors te audit (demo)
2000 – Exsequia Occulta (single)
2002 – Hearse (single)
2004 – Creatures From the Grave / Le entità della salvazione (split with Tony Tears)
2006 – Mors Eleison (EP)
2007 – Abysmal Grief (full-length)
2009 – Resurrection of the Damned / Brides of the Goat (split with Denial of God)
2009 – The Samhain Feast (EP)
2009 – Misfortune (full-length)
2011 – Foetor Funereus Mortuorum (EP)
2012 – Celebrate What They Fear (7″)
2013 – Feretri (LP)
2014 – We Lead The Procession (Collection)
2015 – Abysmal Grief/Runes Order (12″)



Acid King (us)

Acid King2_web1When founding vocalist / guitar player Lori S. ripped her way through ‘Say you Love Satan’ by David St. Claire, to say she was inspired would be an understatement – her experience with the novel singlehandedly laid name and atmosphere to the band she had yet to start! Kicking off with a mighty blend of heavy, spacey stylings the band created a signature formula of distortion, tight guitar-bass riff attacks and a Marshall- stacked, bloated low bottom end. The hazy wafting sound blows over the listener with a dense, heavy, murky weight creating an opaque fog of blissful stoner doom. Lori’s vocals have a soaring, eerie quality which is never lost or drowned in the music, creating an aloof yet commanding presence amongst the powerful riffs and pulsing drumming. Running at a steady yet sluggish pace, each song builds itself into something memorable and the guitar tone is sure to leave a lingering buzz in your head. We are so much looking forward to having ACID KING on stage at the final edition of HDDT, to melt minds and induce acid flashbacks!!


Acid King, EP, 1994
Zoroaster, Full-length, 1995
Down with the Crown, EP, 1997
Busse Woods, Full-length, 1999
Free…/The Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke, Split. 2001
III, Full-length, 2005
The Early Years, Compilation, 2006



Acid Witch (us)

AcidWitch HDDT_web1Acid Witch is a psychedelic death doom duo from Detroit, Michigan which formed in 2007. They released their first album, Witchtanic Hellucinations, in 2008 on Razorback Records. Acid Witch began with guitarist/current singer Slasher Dave playing riffs alongside a tape of Halloween sounds and noises. Soon after, Shagrat joined playing bass and they began writing. Lasse Pyykkö joined them, as the original vocalist, but left after their “Witch House” release.

The band’s musical style draws from many genres of music including death metal, doom metal, stoner metal, psychedelic music, and horror films and their soundtracks such as the music of John Carpenter’s Halloween. Some have also noted the influence of NWOBHM.
Lead vocalist Slasher Dave has cited Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General as some of his influences. Due to the main overtones of the music, the band has dubbed themselves “Halloween metal”.

The band’s lyrics deal with themes of witchcraft, Halloween, and Satanism, and many of their songs’ lyrics are inspired by horror films and feature a significant amount of gore and references to sex and drugs.

The band then released two EPs, Witch House in 2009 and Midnight Mass in 2010. The band released their second album, Stoned, in 2010, on Hell’s Headbangers. In 2012, Witchtanic Hellucinations was re-released on Hell’s Headbangers.

The band now consists of Slasher Dave and Shagrat playing all instruments in the studio, and “Motor City” Chaz and Mike Tuff playing drums and guitar, respectively, live.


Witchtanic Hellucinations, 2008 (Razorback Records)
Witch House, 2009 (Doomentia Records)
Midnight Mass, 2010 (Hell’s Headbangers)
Stoned, 2010 (Hell’s Headbangers)



Bell Witch (us)

bellwitch_web1Bell Witch is a doom metal duo comprised of bassist / vocalist Dylan Desmond and drummer / vocalist Adrian Guerra based in Seattle, WA. With only the bare minimum at their disposal, the pair crafts some of the darkest, heaviest and most dismal time-stretching doom in recent memory, and their first releases, a 2011 self-titled demo and a 12” entitled “Longing” has already garnered significant recognition from the underground scene. With a more sinister and enveloping sound, Bell Witch’s debut full-length Longing is a marathon-like exercise in extreme doom. Testing the thresholds of listeners who become engrossed in its overwhelming sonic experience, it’s a powerful statement from one of the most promising acts the American scene has to offer.

The bass and drum duo mount the lead of a tattered line of speakers and volley complex, introspective rhythm lines of sadness and grief. Being no hurry in a storm, the heaviness of the songs crush into multiple layers. There are somber, sustained choral chants reserved for dark cathedrals and aching funerals in contrast to the grimaced, even hateful shrieks and guttural harrowing that carry the eerie storm. Grimly, the drums of a war horde sire a march of dual melody lines played from two hands tapping bass strings with the roaring thunder and floral lightning of the mighty storm. There is shock when the eyes see two bodies where the ears believed five.


S/T Demo, 2011
Longing, full-length, 2012



Black Cobra (us)

black-cobra_web1Formed by drummer Rafa Martinez (ex-16, ex-Acid King) and guitarist/vocalist Jason Landrian (ex-Cavity), BLACK COBRA catapulted themselves onto the scene in 2001 with their ravenous, upbeat and ultimately unique style of punk/hardcore-fueled sludge metal.
With speed and finesse, this gruesome twosome pack a punishing dose of heavy brutality in their diverse material. Being renowned for the incredible energy and explosive energy in their live performances, BLACK COBRA are sure to rampage through their set like an unstoppable freight train of heaviness! It’s impossible to feel anything is missing, despite the lack of a bass player in the band – they will surely tear your face off with their full sound and primal adrenaline at HDDT IV!


Black Cobra, EP, 2004
Bestial, Full-length, 2006
Live From Roadburn, Video, 2007
Eternal Elysium / Black Cobra, Split, 2007
Feather and Stone, Full-length, 2007
Chronomega, Full-length, 2009
Invernal, Full-length, 2011



Bongzilla (us)

Bongzilla_HDDT_web1After a hiatus, these reefer-cloaked, legalization advocates are here to sow the seeds of their trademark strain of psychedelic sludge on European soil. Cultivating an extremely thick and heavy harvest of sound, BONGZILLA have fertilized their unique style tenfold over time, and the result of their bumper-crop harvest speaks for itself.

Musically, Bongzilla leave nothing to be desired – perfectly blending elements of psych, sludge and stoner into a massive bong-ripping force. The harsh and tortured vocals are met with smokey tripped-out passages of mellowed, experimental jamming amongst the crushing blows of heaviness, with a flawless ebb and flow of intensity. To quote, “With a Sabbath-on-downer encrusted sound that blends billowing rock, clenched-teeth blues, and an underground punk attitude, BONGZILLA fire up thunderous mega-rock with a pronounced emphasis on the “big riff”… simultaneously aggressive and mellow, with thunderous percussion, smoke-seared vocals and infectious, fuzzed-out riffs baked to perfection” We couldn’t agree more, and it is an honor to have them performing for you.

Grab your stash, pack a bowl, and let BONGZILLA guide you in pledging allegiance to the mighty Mary Jane when they grace the main stage on Saturday, at the doomsday edition of HDDT!


Mixed Bag, EP, 1996
Bonzilla / Meatjack, Split, 1997
Hemp for Victory, EP, 1998
Cavity / Bongzilla, Split, 1998
Painkiller Vol. II, Split, 1998
Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitudes, EP, 1998
Hellchild / Bongzilla, Split, 1998
He´s No Good to Me Dead – 75 Minutes of Extreme pain, Split, 1999
Stash, Full-length, 1999
Twin Threat to Your Sanity, Split, 2001
Apogee, Full-length, 2001
Shake: The Singles, Compilation, 2002
Gateway, Full-length, 2002
Contamination Festival 2003, Live Album, 2004
Amerijuanican, Full-length, 2005
Nuggets, Compilation, 2007



Capilla Ardiente (chile)

Capilla Ardiente_web1An Epic Doom metal band from Chile, Capilla Ardiente features members from the amazing PROCESSION who have previously graced the Heavy Days stage. Formed by Claudio Botarro Neira and Felipe Plaza Kutzbach in 2002, the band was created with the only purpose of playing from the heart, and worshiping the epic riffing of bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Sorcerer and Solstice, mixing in the rawness and weight of Heavy Metal and even Thrash.

Capilla Ardiente is a Spanish phrase, translating to “Burning Chapel”. The words allude to where the recently deceased are to receive their funerary rites. Namely their home, church, or another specific personal place, it is atmospherically lit by many funeral candles – hence the ‘burning’ element. Flowing melodies carress harmonious guitar pairings, amongst intense and ever-changing riffing. Audible and catching basslines, along with the prominent vocals stand out within the genre, and all of these elements are wrapped in the dark and gloomy atmosphere of traditional doom metal.

In 2013 the band recorded their debut album “Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness”, which has had excellent reviews and feedback both from media and followers of the band. The LP was released by High Roller Records and later that year, their first live show was performed to a full venue in Chile!

2015 will see the first European tour from the band, where they will spread their sound amongst different countries and important festivals such as Muskelrock in Sweden!


Solve et Coagula, EP, 2009
Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness, Full-length, 2014
Capilla Ardiente / Evangelist, Split 12”, 2014



Castlen (us)

Castle_HDDT_web1Formed in 2009, Castle from San Francisco create a whirlwind of heavy metal epic-ness, thrash inspired raw riffage, and melodic passages described by Terrorizer Magazine as “marrying doom laden riffery to a gloriously no-bullshit heavy metal backbone” and by Metal Hammer UK as being “epic, heroic, tastefully melodic” (they took the words straight out of our mouths!) and confirms Castle as “one of the best metal acts to emerge in the last few years.”!

If you’re in the mood for some serious air guitar and hair flinging tracks, you won’t be disappointed by this bay area force. Front woman Elizabeth Blackwell’s voice has just the right touch of gritty edge while maintaining an intoxicating femininity amidst the heaviness backing her. Laden with heavy blues, but far from genre cliches, Castle swing like a guillotine pendulum between slowed down valiant tempos and straight heavy metal guitar solos with forceful rock drumming shoving everything together in an infectiously good direction. Get ready to rip Thursday up and coast into the festival mood upon righteous riffage!!!


In Which Order, Full-Lenght, 2011
Blacklands, Full-Lenght, 2012
Second Coming/Labirinth of Death, EP, 2014
Under Siege, Full-length, 2014



Conan (uk)

conan NY_web1The UK trio began shaking floors in 2006, and have steadily increased in force ever since with their “caveman battle doom”, each new release as punishing as the last. Having mastered an exquisite blend of riff-largesse and memorable hooks finding their perfect niche in the sprawling and droned-out wall of sound that Conan push forth, they conquer the stage with bludgeoning force. Through yawning chasms and bleak devastated battlefields they deliver riffs and tone so grim and so thick that the Gods turn away, to avoid suffocating under the band’s unearthly might.

The newest album “Blood Eagle” released in 2014 is their most relentless material yet, and their live shows have become legendary – caving in chest cavities with their abyssal, droning, charging heaviness wherever they play. Conan rivals the deepest rumblings from the pit of the earth itself, and if you have yet to experience their wrath we assure you that you will be blown away. Don’t forget your earplugs!


Battle in the Swamp, Ep, 2007
Demo, Demo, 2010
Horseback Battle Hammer, EP, 2010
Conan vs. Slomatics, Split, 2011
Monnos, Full-length, 2012
Mount Wrath: Live at Roadburn 2012, Live album, 2013
Zero Talent / Beheaded, Split, 2013
Blood Eagle, Full-length, 2014



Dopethrone (can)

dopethrone_web1The riff comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s clean, catchy and elegant. Sometimes it’s filthy, grimy and about as elegant as a sledgehammer to the sternum. Dopethrone is the latter. This D.I.Y trio from Hochelaga, Montreal’s trashiest ghetto, wallows in smoke, demons, death, the occult and enough psychotropic drugs to send both Hunter S. Thomspson and William Burroughs on one hell of a trip and plays some of the filthiest, skull crushingest, downright face smashing riffs drenched in distortion and fuzz, encompassing the bleakness of black metal, the steadfastness of New Orleans-style sludge with a heavier-than-thou doom mentality. The riffage is thick, punishing, suffocating and destructive and the demonic vocals are harsh, visceral and animal-like for tunes dripping with sonic THC. Dopethrone are able to take doom and view it through a crusty lens, and that perspective brings this genre new heights of audio filth.

After a first LP « Demonsmoke » on STB Records, Dopethrone released on Totem Cat Records “Dark Foil” in 2011 and got invited to Roadburn Festival by Voivod in 2012. A performance that has been followed by the release of their third album « III » for which the band toured Europe 2 times.
The distortion powered sledgehammer is back in 2015 with a fourth album heavier and trashier !


Demonsmoke, full-length, 2009
Dark Foil, full-length, 2011
III, full-length, 2012



Epitaph (it)

Epitaph_web1Lets cast a call to spirits, and invoke a resurrection of the dead… Rising for a special performance at this years’ HDDT, EPITAPH from Verona, Italy, are back from the grave! These Spaghetti Doom legends who have been on hiatus for nearly twenty years, will not only grace the stage for you all, but will also be performing a Black Hole medley, as both legendary bands share members!

For those not familiar with Epitaph… In the eighties and nineties, Italy spawned a big black mass of great doomy bands, as the underground flourished with illustrious names like Death SS, Black Hole, Sacrilege, Zess, Malombra, Cultus Sanguine, and Abysmal Grief… Epitaph were part of this glorious “Spaghetti Doom” movement, and managed to release three demos which by now have gained cult status among the connoisseurs of Italian doom, before deciding to call it quits. When the third and last demo was released (around 1994) the decision was already made, and Epitaph was laid to rest.

Even though Italian Doom is currently praised up and down the wider metal scene, back in the days being part of the underground did not serve well as a sales argument. “The sub-genre itself was almost despised and ridiculed in our own country, back then: Most people considered us just a bunch of creepy weirdoes!” Even Black Holes legacy didn’t help it.

Epitaph made timid attempts at re-launching itself even before 2012, without luck. Funnily enough, just a few years ago they were completely oblivious to the interest that bands like Epitaph draw nowadays! Having come forth with a new record, their first full-length album to date was recorded in 2013, “Crawling out of the Crypt” on High Roller Records – an album title perfectly suited!

We hope that in the decades to come, the “Spaghetti Doom” movement is steadfast to retain its characteristic traits as presented by acts like Epitaph. In a country scarcely rooted in rock, the doom scene might stand out as a distinguishable tradition, just like those hallowed Italian prog-rock bands from the seventies!


Lord of Evil, Demo, 1989
Sacred & Profane, Demo, 1990
Mental Walls, Demo, 1993
Crawling out of the Crypt, full-length, 2014



Evil Spirit (d)

evilspirit_HDDT_web1Hailing from Berlin, the group we bring you today have melded their individual tastes and interests into their own brand of heavy doom. We are pleased to announce that EVIL SPIRIT will be joining the last edition of Heavy Days in Doom Town!!!!!

EVIL SPIRIT were formed in 2010 to bring forth dark, occult influenced doom with dashes of blackness and death metal extremity. At times the villainous, rasping vocals sink into the core of your spine causing chills – thus to be chased away and replaced by a haunting ritualistic moan. Each track that EVIL SPIRIT put forth is unique in its own calculated way, every aspect of the sound and production dedicated to creating the malevolent atmosphere.
Releasing two demos in 2012 before the 2014 drop of their full length Cauldron Messiah on Horror Records, the band have clearly set their mind to the feeling they wish to create through their music and are executing it further with each release.
As described by Metal Forces Magazine;
“Cauldron Messiah serves up a menu of seven tracks, all of which are daubed in mysticism and morgue-like atmospherics and then squeezed out through some cosmic filter by way of a strangled doom dementia. This is very loud, and very heavy – no doubt created to echo around the cold walls of many a cesspit, and with an extra sprig of horror delirium Evil Spirit conjures up all manner of nocturnal predators which’ll render you speechless and sleeping with one eye open.”
Raw and unnerving, the crawling tension of EVIL SPIRIT will linger on in you long after they’ve departed the stage at HDDT IV!


Sempiternal Punishment, Demo, 2012
Phantom der Finsternis, Demo, 2012
Cauldron Messiah, Full Length, 2014



Gas Giant (dk)

Gas Giant_HDDT_web1Gas Giant has been more or less inactive in the last decade or so, and have recently emerged refreshed and ready to continue their legacy after some lineup changes and a burst of new energy!

Copenhagen based Gas Giant have been jamming since 1996, formed initially under the band name Blind Man Bluff – which changed in 1999. Balancing sledgehammer riffs with catchy hooks, this pioneer in Danish stoner rock are producing mature songs with strong melodies, never abandoning their heavy roots! Bringing together the best aspects of 70’s heavy rock, contemporary stoner psychedelia, and dirty acid, Gas Giant incorporate garagey riffs, spaced out soundscapes and a general flowing groove rich with catchy hooks!
Their track ‘Too Stoned’ was featured on High Times magazine’s compilation “High Volume: The stoner rock edition”, and their album Mana released in 2003 has received great praise in the years since – we look forward to kicking off the final edition of Heavy Days in Doom Town with these deadly Danes!


Portals of Nothingness, CDr, 1999
Pleasant Journey In Heavy Tunes, Full-Length, 2001
Gas Giant Vs We – Riding The Red Horse To The Last Stronghold Of The Freaks, Split, 2001
Gas Giant / Good Witch Of The South – Swamp Room Single Club, 7″, 2002
Mana, Full-Length, 2003
Colour Haze / Gas Giant – Mountain / Mama Cool, 7″, 2004‎




Guevnna_web1GUEVNNA was born in late 2011, with no solid plans… only the understanding that the guys love Bongzilla and Iron Monkey. At first these two bands gave strong influence to their sound; however, gradually they added elements of their other favorites… such as New Wave and Disco Music, to their big fuzz stream. The group are now reaching a quite unique state, combining heavy doom/sludge and “danceable” music. Directly quoted, “It’s like Bongzilla and Iron Monkey united, and produced by Giorgio Moroder.”

Featuring those low and brutal vocals made famous by front man Rio’s previous endeavors with COFFINS, and accompanied by surprisingly groovy jams, GUEVNNA have forged themselves a unique pocket in the Doom community.

So how can we describe their music? Dance Doom? Groove Sludge? Or Stoner Disco?
The band have decried that categorizing is no use for them… We shall all just surrender ourselves to their filthy, heavy, groovy ritual!


GUEVNNA/Aguirre, Split, 2014
All Witch’s Day, compilation, 2014
GUEVNNA/Black Temple Below, Split, 2015
Conspiracies, EP, 2015



Head of the Demon (swe)

Head_of_the_demon_web1Swedish group Head of the Demon are not easily described, nor is the feeling of woe and the not entirely unpleasant emptiness you are left with after experiencing their unique sound. As expressed in a review of their S/T full length earlier this year, “After an hour or so spent with the Swedes’ debut, I fell into a stretch of utter hopelessness. The sun wasn’t ever coming up again, and I’d yearned a bottle of absinthe in which to drown my woes.” The sun is forever setting on Heavy Days in Doomtown, and Head of the Demon’s somber mesh of doom and black metal elements shall crest the funeral pyre fittingly.

Harsh, hoarse, strained vocals are laid atop minimalistic yet unnerving and unsettling riffs – winding through obscurity and at times becoming more powerful to rival the growing heaviness in the percussion. Prevalent bass lines and occasional, haunting organ effects draw the listener further into the chasm of discontent. Head of the Demon will drag you into darkness at HDDT 2015!


Head of the Demon – S/T, Full-length, 2013



Hooded Menace (fin)

hooded M gammal_web1Hooded Menace formed in 2007, very much influenced by the 80´s Candlemass, early Cathedral and Paradise Lost, Winter, Autopsy and Asphyx. Wanting to play heavily doom-laden death metal that combined crushing, somber riffs with a hint of melody, the band drew lyrical inspiration from the classic 70’s Spanish horror series the Blind Dead that included the films “Tombs of the Blind Dead”, “Return of the Evil Dead”, “Horror of the Zombies”, and “Night of the Seagulls”.

Cloaked in doom, and trudging along like a horde of the undead, you can feel the weight of the Templar horses hooves on your chest as Hooded Menace perform their spine chilling horror show. Murky, raw and coarse the combination of doom and early 90’s style death metal is reminiscent of the gurgling of a final death rattle.

Ominous, dark, and sure to invoke unease, the malevolent force that is Hooded Menace will surely exhume some cobwebbed corpses and bring the cold hands of death clawing at your back at the doomsday edition of HDDT.


“The Eyeless Horde”, Demo, 2007
“The Eyeless Horde”, EP, 2008
“Fulfill The Curse”, Full-length, 2008
Hooded Menace/Anima Morte Split EP, 2010
“Never Cross The Dead”, Full-length, 2010
Hooded Menace/Coffins Split EP, 2010
Hooded Menace/Asphyx Split EP, 2011
Hooded Menace/Ilsa Split, 12″ EP, 2011
Hooded Menace/Horse Latitudes Split 12″EP, 2012
“Necrotic Monuments”, EP, 2012
“Effigies of Evil”, Full-length, 2012
“Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze”, 12″EP, 2014
Hooded Menace/Loss Split “A View from the Rope”, 12″ EP,2014
“Gloom Immemorial”, Compilation, 2014



Hoopsnake (can)

Hoopsnake_HDDT_web1Canadian trio Hoopsnake are diehard DIY to the core, having self released their discography to date and booked all of their own tours. Driven by some unseen force of brutality Hoopsnake deliver torn throat eulogies for the psycho-actively elevated… if you know what we mean. Harnessing the filth and fury of ten times as many than the three members, the music they spew forth is a misanthropic, punk layered and catchy wall of noise. The trade off vocals of the bass and guitar player are both equally punishing, on opposite sides of the sound spectrum, harnessing the power of the finest kush. Drug-addled sludge laden with murky, swamp slow riffs and tortured howls, Hoopsnake will chew you up with their rawness and intensity – and spit you out into the bottom of a dirty, resin smeared beer glass. DIY ‘til death!


S/T Demo, 2010
Hoopsnake, full-length, 2011
Split Cassette w/ Ahna, 2013
Curse of the White Widow, EP, 2014



Horisont (swe)

horisont_web1Real rock‘n’roll cannot be faked. It is the immortal celebration of prized atavistic values – power and volume, sweat and adrenalin, uncompromising good times and the invigorating squall of past, present and future colliding. Those with the artistry and soul required to make music that stirs the blood will never stop chasing that distant horizon, and so Horisont have both the name and the know-how to blow minds and disperse life’s oppressive clouds. They are real rock’n’roll incarnate: an exhilarating blast of sonic euphoria, custom built to raise spirits and quicken the pulse of any right-thinking rock or metal fan.

Horisont have tapped directly into the heart of heaviness and guitar-wielding derring-do, gleefully obliterating the divide between the wonders of the distant past and the unmistakable allure of the here and now. This band consistently display a magic touch, rendering every last note, riff and melody in majestic Technicolor 70’s glory! Get those hips ready to shake at HDDT!


Två Sidor Av Horisonten, Full-length, 2009
Second Assault, Full-length, 2012
Writing On The Wall, EP, 2013
Time Warriors, Full-length, 2013
Break The Limit, EP, 2014



Ill Wicker (swe)

illWicker! This psychedelic folk band will play a special show at the Art show. This will take place in the culture house next door to the main venue, called BIBLIOTEKET .

With all hands and feet down in the mud of the Swedish nature with its old traditional tunes and melodies, this six piece band from Gothenburg, Sweden beckons you into a demonic and psychedelic saga.
“If the Incredible String Band was the ultimate sunshine folk psych act, they had their counterpart in the deathly dark acid folk band Comus. In the group that we present to you now, these two sides are united. They will lure you with melodies, treacherously fair, until you suddenly find yourself deep in the dark woods, face to face with the Devil, pleading to get to keep your wits… and then the slow witch dance begins, under the light of the pale moon…” (Psykjunta Festival)

Their new record Under Diana was recorded while the leaves paled to winter 2013, and it showcases a brilliant, imaginative acoustic folk group at the height of their power. Uniting a fleeting finger-picked lightness with soaring close harmonies, and a dense, mystic darkness with manic guitars, searing violins and ritualistic percussion.

Untamed by gender, free as souls, out of flesh crawled! Don’t miss this sabbath at the Final Heavy days in Doomtown festival!


Under Diana, full length, 2013



King Dude (us)

hooded dude_web1Pulling together the biblical sound and isolation of the bygone days of revelation with an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, King Dude has woven his own brand of American music. Evoking bleak desolation with ballad style tracks, next to hymnal blues numbers rattling onward like dusty bones, he brandishes many varied influences in his songwriting – everything from British Folk, Americana, Country, Black Sabbath and the Blues can be heard in his songs. Ominous, esoteric and profound, it is impossible not to be drawn in by the somber and dark choral atmosphere immaculately created by King Dude. Deep and gritty, stained by hardship and driven by passion, his ghostly voice is even met with notes dragged from the depths of heavy metal, slithering their way into the King Dude canon. Commonly described as dark and occult neo-folk, the music begs the soul to lift itself up from the darkness of ignorance, towards the ever shining and glorious ‘light’ that exists outside of us all yet that which we are eternally connected to – at once connecting everyone on earth.

King Dude will lift you up and bring you down with his Luciferian blues at the Sunday Mass, sending off HDDT into the abyss.


Tonigh´s Special Death, full-length, 2010
The Black Triangle, EP, 2010
Solanaceae & King Dude “Werewolves”, Split, 2010
My Beloved Ghost, EP, 2010
Love, full-length, 2011
Burning Daylight, full-length, 2012
You can Break my Heart, EP, 2012
Chelsea Wolfe & King Dude “Sing More Songs Together”, Split, 2013



Mantar (ger)

Mantar_web1Mantar is a unique two piece, who’s last album release in 2014 was a raw, self-produced, 100% DIY display of power! The half German and half Turkish duo are set to destroy with their vicious lashing of heaviness at HDDT. Mantar are combining elements of Doom, Punk and Sludge with a healthy dose of black bile!

Despite being only fueled by drums and guitar, the music of Hamburg based MANTAR will crush you with the fluidity and force of a thousand waterfalls. In spite of not having the usual accompaniment of a bass guitar, the band manage to bring forth a heaviness that many 5 pieces struggle to deliver! Full of filth and fuzz, ferocious and harsh vocals, anvil-heavy riffs and just the right dash of southern swagger to round it all off, the musical style is as refreshing as it is devastating. Collapsing into doom laden passages cloaked in darkness and drenched in black metal tendencies, each song decimates the listener with fiery aggression.

The band have been described as the ‘sure soundtrack to the coming apocalypse’. Harnessing such intensity and ugliness, this deadly duo are sure to knock you sideways with their performance at Heavy Days – The Final Edition!


Mantar / White Nights, split EP, 2013
Death By Burning, Full-length, 2014
The Beserker´s path, EP, 2014



Mirror of Deception (ger)

Mirror of Deception 2014_web1Mirror of Deception was founded in 1990 near Stuttgart, Germany and are meanwhile considered one of the longest running and best known doom metal bands from Germany and Central Europe. Throughout the years the band has found their own niche and unmistakable style which they refer to as unorthodox doom metal. This means they pay tribute to the defining bands of the genre without limiting their own musical and lyrical vision and expression..

Since its inception MIRROR OF DECEPTION went through a number of line-up changes, while founding members Michael Siffermann and Jochen Fopp have always kept the banner waving, Several demos, EPs, split releases and 4 full length albums have been released to date and the band has toured most of Europe with household names like Count Raven, Revelation, Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar, Solstice, Warning, 40
Watt Sun and many others.

The band will celebrate their 25th anniversary year with a number of selected shows.


Mirror of Deception, Demo, 1993
Words Unspoken, Demo, 1994
Veil of Lead, Demo 1996
Veil of Lead, Full-length, 1997
Mirrorsoil, Full-length, 2001
Conversion, EP, 2003
Foregone, Full-length, 2004
Shards, Full-lentgh, 2006
Mirror of Deception/ Tefra, Split ep, 2008
Mirror of Deception/ Garden of Worm, Split-Album, 2009
A Smouldering Fire, Full-length, 2010
Mirror of Deception/ Pagan Altar Split ep, 2011



New Keepers of the Water Towers (swe)

NKOTWT_HDDT_webNew Keepers of the Water Towers is a group in a state of constant transformation. Since forming in 2006, the band have re-invented themselves and their music with every record they create! Following the release of 2013’s “The Cosmic Child” which was featured as Roadburn’s Album of the Day, the band set out to perfect their live performance experience, adding new members and instruments to the ever growing wall of sound. Cosmic soundscapes, eerie noises and psychedelic outbreaks are some of the elements featured in the mighty live show.

The array of progressive and psychedelic sounds swell and swirl in the tide of the rhythmic guitar lines, caressed by flowing bass-lines and perfectly paced drumming. The gut-rumbling rock is orchestral in feeling, with an undeniable largesse. Stepping away from the heavier sludginess prevalent in their previous works, New Keepers of the Water Towers have evolved into an auditory experience comparable to a profound journey through outer space – and nowhere better to witness this than within Christiania, at Loppen, at the final edition of HDDT!


Chronicles, Compilation, 2009
The Calydonian Hunt, Full-Length, 2011
The Cosmic Child, Full-Length,2013



Night Profound (can)

Night_Profound_web2Night Profound harnesses a united will to express in depth all of the tortures and triumphs of ascendance. A dark folk collective submerging headlong into the Nightside …

Toiling away in secrecy since 2007, NIGHT PROFOUND has developed through many permutations and identities before exposing the rest of the world to the illumination within. What began as a very personal alternative outlet to the extreme music more familiar to founders S.P Hache and R.H Hamilton, the dark acoustic force has evolved into a functioning spiritual vehicle and taken on a life of its own. Now, a core duo and a revolving cast of allied musicians seek to ignite the spark that was initiated all those years ago.

The homage to the neofolk originators found on 2011’s MMXI demo has grown, developed, and flourished into a unique sound of power and meditation. The year of death, 2013, pulled NIGHT PROFOUND from the ashes of dormancy. A handful of compilation appearances over the following year, like Heathen Harvest’s Midsummer and Morituri te Salutant’s Divided We Fall, have established the band alongside some of the greats of the genre. A pact was soon forged with TJ Cowgill’s (King Dude) NOT JUST RELIGIOUS MUSIC record label in order to release the first MLP Invocatio Lux, Evocatio Nox in 2015, which will truly reveal the manifestation of the Night.

The future continues to fall under the will of the Brotherhood of the Black Serpent and the limitations are boundless! Night Profound will entrance you at HDDT XV.


MMXI, Demo, 2011
Heathen Harvest Midsummer, compilation
2014 – Divided We Fall compilation, 2014
Invocatio Lux, Evocatio Nox MLP, 2015



Night Viper (swe)

Night Viper_web1Gothenburg’s Night Viper is a heavy metal band that will bring up the energy level by more than a few notches, because you need to shake that hair! They may break the rules of low and slow, but that doesn’t mean it’s not heavy! Wicked nights with snake venom in your blood is what you need and that’s what you’ll get!

The classic heavy metal spirit of ‘British Steel’, the riff-intensity of ‘Kill ‘em All’, and a big hot bucket of motown swing, Night Viper leave nothing to be desired. Featuring past and present members of Church Of Misery, Horisont, Miasmal, Mud Walk, Swordwielder, Ill Wicker, and The Order Of Israfel, Gothenburg’s Night Viper have been quickly and warmly embraced by the hard rock world and praised for their freshness, energy, and extremely catchy songs. Their debut single is on its way, and if you missed their first raging show in Copenhagen, the time is right to feel the bite of the viper in the night!!


No releases yet



Profetuss (fin)

Profetus_HDDT_web1Funeral Doom group Profetus was formed in 2006 under heavy snows of Tampere, Finland, in order to stomp a traditional but fresh footprint to soil of this forgotten graveyard.

As heirs of early originators of the style, such as Skepticism and Thergothon, their goal is to drag the dusted coffin further towards the modern days of misery – without losing a single drop of its royal blood.

Digging deep to the old funeral atmosphere of the 90`s, Profetus is delivering the solitary moods and the bleak poetry of Scandinavian down-heartedness, projected against the scenery of it`s unique, raw and godless nature.

Performed in a pace slow and solemn like the gravediggers boot, their music can be described both heavy and crushing yet eerie and hauntingly beautiful, a cinematic funeral procession.


Saturnine, demo, 2007
Coronation of the Black Sun, full-length, 2009
…to Open the Passages of Dusk, full-length, 2012
As all Seasons Die, full-length, 2014



Reefer (dk)

Reefer-pic_web1During the winter of 2010, hazed and clouded, two smokey locals with too much time on their hands decided to start jamming some heavy rock and headed down the Catacombs of Copenhagen to set free their regurgitated version of heavy tunes. Putting down the joints and picking up their instruments, stoner death act REEFER manifested in the fog.

With stoned slow drumming, fuzzy down-tuned riffs and bong-gurgling vocals REEFER were slowly rocking for 2 years in a dank rehearsal space ‘til they got an offer to play a show – and thus decided to have a fellow red-eye join on bass to make the entity proper heavy in the live installment. The now trio then recorded their three song demo tape “Bow Before the Altar of the Drugs” in time to have a release ready for their debut show, playing at a warm-up show for the Heavy Days in Doomtown festival in February 2013!

Since then Reefer have played a few local shows, and on low heat brewed new songs for future toe-tapping listening pleasures…
….If only they could remember how to tap their toes!

Drowned in bong-water may seem a terrible fate to some, but for the crowd at this year’s HDDT we think it will suit just fine!


Bow Before the Altar of the Drugs Demo (2013)



The Hyle (dk)

The Hyle_HDDT_web1There is much more to doom group The Hyle than their recognizable sound, which unifies melody, mood and the mind. The band draw influence from the occult and the esoteric teachings of Robert Fludd (a well-known English physician and investigator of the occult), receiving it’s main inspiration from the gap between existence and non-existence. The sound can be seen as a manifestation of something both created, and creating.
Fludd himself, among others, had difficulties defining the term ‘the Hyle’ – It can’t be described in isolation, because it is in fact, the essence of not being anything: it is infinite non-existence. Therefore The Hyle is not created, for it is the material of which created things spring.

Musically as captivating as the name transcribes, The Hyle are quickly making an impression on listeners. CVLTNATION recently announced their 2014 demo as the second best demo release of the year – and when you experience their sound first hand we guarantee you will see why. Driven by the ground quavering guitar heaviness, the slow tempo takes your hand and hauls you through the waves of density The Hyle procure. The note-perfect vocals float harmoniously atop the swell, and the combination is enthralling. Although they aren’t constructing anything groundbreakingly new within the doom genre, it is succinct to say that The Hyle are breathing new life into themes we have heard before – and exceeding their predecessors. This is a group to keep your eye on, and if you are not a Copenhagener we look forward to giving you an introduction at the final HDDT!


Demo, 2014



The Order of Israfel (swe)

TOOI_webThere are bands that are just too big and wide-ranging to fit in a box, like the band we are announcing tonight. Perhaps that’s how it’s gotten so late in the evening…! With two members of the line-up already have made it big in the Doom scene, we can be sure this Swedish epic doom band will be well enjoyed at HDDT. Without further delay, before the clock strikes midnight ….. THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL!

A project put together by heavy hitters all around, Tom Sutton (ex Church of Misery), Patrik Andersson Winberg (Doomdogs), Hans Lilja and Staffan Björck have emerged from Gothenburg as THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL, forming an addictive fusion of classic Sabbath like doom, 70’s hard rock, The Obsessed and the Cathedral school of mega heavy riffs.

THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL are rooted in Doom, but they shouldn’t be reduced to the pure slow-motion sound. Their debut album Wisdom is more complex, and has been referred to as mystical and mysterious – a magic which we look forward to sharing with the HDDT crowd. Full of grandeur and epic beauty, this is not music to be consumed just casually, but as a panoramic sound with invitation to dive into tempting and dangerous worlds. Doom, Hard Rock, Metal, Folk – THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL play with many elements and form a powerful and moving blend, with high potential to get hopelessly hooked!


Wisdom, Full-length, 2014



Saturnine (it)

Saturnine_web1Born in 2010, this Doom/Death act are actually not based solely in Italy – having had various changes to their lineup since they started, the band now features a vocalist based out of Berlin, with the other members each living in different cities spread across Italy. When the group put forth their self-titled demo in 2012, Saturnine were contacted by Razorback Records about an album, and are in the process of releasing their first full-length. Entitled “Mors Vocat”, will be released on CD by Razorback Records and on LP by Italian label Terror From Hell / Elektroplasma music. You can expect it in the new year! Around the festival they will be embarking on their first tour as well, with the legendary Abysmal Grief, also of Italian origin.

The intrigue of Saturnine is created by the backgrounds of the different members – their roots extending across not only the doom and death metal scenes, but also deeply within DIY punk. Not limiting themselves creatively, their music shows elements of multiple genres, tied together with thought and precision. This resulting in slow and obscure music in which the women convey discomfort, suffering and evil in every track. Drums and guitar tinged with stenchcore are accompanied by powerful vocals with tremendous depth. Suffocating at times, but not without alluring differentiated and up-tempo segments, you will be cloaked in darkness when they hit the stage at HDDT.


S/T, Demo, 2012
Mors Vocat, Full-length, out early 2015



Serpent Throne (us)

Ride Satan Ride_web1This Philadelphia based quartet formed in 2005 has released four full length albums. At HDDT they will perform their 2007 debut “Ride Satan Ride”, the lost soundtrack to a 70’s satanic biker movie, in its entirety! This album has a very special place in the hearts of the HDDT crew and it has been a long awaited dream to bring Serpent Throne over to perform for our audience!

Serpent Throne represent an authentic and righteous linkage to the revered ’70’s acts of yore. Think Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Blue Cheer, Leafhound, Pentagram, and Sir Lord Baltimore, only instrumental. Described as proto-metal riff worship, hearing Serpent Throne is like sitting in a garage in 1971 listening to your cool uncle’s band practice. The band’s early material has a heavy primitive biker rock vibe, while their later recordings evolve into epic guitar harmony filled journeys. So many instrumental bands of the genre tend to create long drawn out psychedelic jams, yet Serpent Throne are known for their well-structured songs that evoke a range of emotions. One song can blend the heaviness of early Black Sabbath with the triumphant melodies of Wishbone Ash.

Look forward to a very special evening in the company of Serpent Throne and don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity to see “Ride Satan Ride” performed from beginning to end! The raw riffing in songs like “Wheels of Satan” and “Back Stabbeth” will have you on your Panhead, running from the cops in no time!


Ride Satan Ride, Full-length, 2007
The Battle of Old Crow, full-length, 2009
White Summer Black Winter, Full-length, 2010
Brother Lucifer, full-length, 2013



Weak (dk)

Weak HDDT_web1Playing a bastard style of sludge, hardcore, and downtempo grooves with gutting guitar riffs, caveman drums, thundering bass and agonizing vocals, WEAK are reminiscent of 90’s Bay Area bands like Dystopia and Noothgrush, with notes to Crowbar.

If you have ever felt so much rage and frustration that you’ve wanted to smash your head through a wall, you will identify with the pure adrenaline outburst that WEAK display. The manic, antagonized vocals are full of so much suffering and the musical style is so raw, you’ll feel a combination of elated and exhausted when they’re finished ripping through the set.
WEAK will have both their debut EP “første EP”, and their first 12 “s/t/” released at Heavy Days In Doomtown – just in time for their debut Euro tour with New Zealand sludge monsters METH DRINKER, and the frantic hardcore hysterics DOGMATIST, also on Raw Birth. Not to be missed!!!!


Første EP, EP, 2015
S/T, 12”, 2015