Heavy Days In Doom Town

Presenting Holland´s heaviest; TONER LOW!

We are excited to bring to you from Leiden, The Netherlands, the heaviest three-piece psychedelic stoner doom band Holland has to offer; TONER LOW! Their music is mesmerizing and hypnotizing and the long songs seriously take you on a journey through waving soundscapes and droning guitar riffs.

Toner Low has been around since 1998. They started off as a more or less traditional stonerrock-outfit, but over the years they evolved into the heaviest band of the lowlands. Toner Low released two full-length albums so far, their untitled debut (2005/2006) and II (2008). In the past years the band have toured/played all over Europe with artists such as Electric Wizard, Acid King, Boris and Colour Haze and played at festivals such as Roadburn, Stoned From The Underground, and Desert Fest Berlin among others. Toner Low will release their third album in 2013.

“We’re looking forward to playing at the second HDDT and being back in Copenhagen again after four years. Toner Low is DIY to the bone, so we’re perfectly in place in Doom Town!”

Check them out and give them a listen here:


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