Heavy Days In Doom Town

Presenting High Priest of Saturn!

We are happy to announce for the first time outside of Norway, the mesmerizing and enchanting sounds of Trondheim´s finest psychedelic doom quartet; HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN!

High Priest of Saturn is a female fronted psychedelic doom band from Trondheim, Norway. The idea was born in early 2011, and a two-track demo was released in August 2011. The music is inspired by classic stoner doom bands, such as Sleep, Om and Acid King, as well as the psychedelic rock bands of the 60s and 70s. HPoS aim to create unique, groovy and mesmerizing sounds through the use of slow-paced riffs, ethereal vocals and menacing organ sounds. A full-length album will be released by Svart Records in March 2013.

“It was about time we started playing outside of Norway, and Heavy Days in Doom Town seems like the perfect place to start! We’re excited about both playing and participating in the festival” – High Priest of Saturn

Check them out and give them a listen here:

Stay tuned for another announcement tomorrow!