Heavy Days In Doom Town

Presenting for the first time on the European continent; Meth Drinker (nz)

The stream of “first time in Europe bands” will continue to flow today… We are extremely stoked to present to you from all the way around the globe, New Zealand´s finest upcoming sludge outfit; METH DRINKER!

Meth Drinker dwells in Wellington, New Zealand and have been playing raw, aggressive, disturbing Sludge since 2010 inspired by classic sludge bands from the 90’s like Grief, Noothgrush, Corrupted, Iron Monkey, Eyehategod and Dystopia. They released a debut self-titled LP in 2011 and a split 12″ with fellow New Zealand Sludge band Open Tomb in 2012. The self-titled 12″ was re-released by Raw Birth Records in 2012. Meth Drinker have an upcoming 7″ as well as split 12″ with British band, Moloch which should be out by HDDT 2013. Keep an eye out for Meth Drinker shows throughout Europe in May 2013.

“From the arse-end of the world, we’re probably the band traveling the furthest to play HDDT so prepare for some old-school, raw Sewage Sludge, Aotearoa-style.” -Meth Drinker

Check them out and give them a listen here:

Stay tuned for another announcement tomorrow!