Heavy Days In Doom Town

Annoucing the amazing Procession (cl/swe/dk)!!!

We are extremely proud to present another band that had to pull out of the last HDDT, the amazing PROCESSION!!!. They have sworn an oath in blood not to let us all down next year and will come and give us a taste of their new forthcoming album “To Reap Heavens Apart”!!!

Formed in Chile (and now established in Sweden), Procession plays crushing heavy doom metal in the vein of Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Count Raven, Solstice, etc… since 2006. After 2 European tours and festivals like Doom Shall Rise, Hole In The Sky, Keep it True, Rock Hard, Hammer of Doom, HellsPleasure, Metal Magic, Up the Hammers, Muskelrock, among others… the band has now finished the recordings of their new LP “To Reap Heavens Apart” (High Roller Recs, Germany), the follow up to “Destroyers Of The Faith”, acclaimed by several magazines as the “doom metal album of 2010”. Felipe Plaza, Jonas Pedersen, Claudio Botarro & Uno Bruniusson will deliver melodies of perdition, anger and loss. Live fast, play slow!

“Let it be written, let it be done! We’re finally back in Denmark after, due to unfortunate events, having to cancel our last years appearance at HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN. Now its the right time, we’re currently mixing/mastering our new album “To Reap Heavens Apart”, which should be more than available for May 2013 festivities, making this performance something special as we’ll be throwing out new tunes and some doomster fave’s as well. Since we started playing as a 4 piece now, we got even heavier and we’ll make sure to crumble the venue down to ruins! Knowing how the festival worked last year (we crawled among the audience anyways), the effort of the people behind it and immense dark vibe all around, its gonna be something not to miss…inwards and downwards, towards the end!”

Check them out and give them a listen here:

Stay tuned for another announcement tomorrow!