Heavy Days In Doom Town

Presenting Dark Buddha Rising (fin)!

We are now ready with the 4th bandannoucement for HDDT 2013. Today we are proud to announce the performance of Finnish DARK BUDDHA RISING!

Dark Buddha Rising performs the black arts of psychedelia, which manifests in hypnotic crushing riffs and lysergic passages that erupt in order to descent deeper into the abyss.
The band is know for its weird hypnotic abstract soundscapes combined with slugde doom riffing and a theatrical dark atmosperic stage performance that will give you goose bumps all over. Prepare for a journey through the deeper levels of the mind with the black arts of Dark Buddha Rising!

“The collective human participants in the summoning that is Dark Buddha Rising are compelled to convey our nefarious delight at the vibrations and repercussions that our trip to Denmark will bring. The black sun will rise upon the Doomtown and impregnate its dwellers with drugged horror” – Dark Buddha Rising

Check them out and give them a listen here:

Stay tuned for another announcement tomorrow!