Heavy Days In Doom Town


Despite the sad news before, we would like to remember HEAVY DAYS in a positive light! The final Heavy Days In Doomtown went out with a BANG! The energy this weekend was incredible!
We had a BLAST and we hope that you did too! We are all so grateful to everyone that came out to share the Final Edition of the HDDT Festival and we’d like to say thank you to everyone that has been a part of this festival in any way in the past four years! We reckon that these past 4 years have been amazing, and it’s best to quit while we’re on top! We’ve made a hell of a lot of memories and made so many new friends from all over the world and we will always keep those with us.
We’d like to thank all the artists and musicians for being a part of creating the Heavy Days atmosphere and making it magic. Also a HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers, this festival has been volunteer run for the past 4 years and it really would not have been possible at all without all the helping hands. It’s really you guys that are making this festival what it is!
It’s time for us to rest up now but we will rest easy because our hearts are so warm from all the love we felt from you guys this weekend! Thanks for partying with us!

Stolen artwork!

What a weekend, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves!!
Unfortunately we are all here with broken hearts, not only for the finale of HDDT but someone has destroyed and stolen something incredibly important to us.
The altar on the balcony created by Cuero de Cuerno was ransacked between last night and this morning, and everything was stolen.
This is not the same as a photograph, or even a painting – the pieces created by these artists also have sentimental value and are very important to them.
If you know anything, please come forward.
It is a horrible way to end the last edition of the festival, and any information that helps to recover the artwork will be much appreciated, and no questions asked. Also, if anyone has any photos of the altar, it would definitely help find the pieces.
-HDDT crew
Here is a picture of what is lost –

Today the madness commences!!!

We start the festival off with the totally SOLD OUT warm up show at Loppen, Christiania tonight!

Doors will open at 17:00, with the HDDT Art Opening where there will be wine and snacks while the art is displayed!

The art opening will bring you exhibitions by the graphic screen printing artists The 13th Sign Collective (D), and Marald Van Haasteren (NL)

The display will also be featuring live music from Copenhagen’s own Myreskær, garage blues psych project of Myre Knudsen!

You will be able to check in with your 4-day pass and pick up your “Heavy Package”. So show up early in order to not stand in que and miss out on the concerts!

17:00 – 21:00 Art Exhibit & Check-in
18:00 Myreskær (DK)
21.30 Gas Giant (dk)
22.30 New Keepers of the Water Towers (swe)
23.30 Castle (us)
DJ Martin Mordor (dk)

Presale is still up until 16.00 this afternoon and we still have a few 3-day passes for sale. The remaining tickets will be sold as 3-day passes or 1 day tickets at the door at Ungdomshuset from 15.00 Friday. As things look now HDDT 2015 will be sold out, so show up early and tell your friends!!!

Cheers and see you later!
//HDDT Crew

Robin Gnista limited edition poster!

Only a couple days now untill the madness begins!! Here’s another little teaser of what to expect at the ART MARKET in Biblioteket! We are very happy to introduce you to Stockholm based Poster artist Robin Gnista. He has given us some special posters for the Acid King show at Heavydays. Limited edition of 80 18″x24″ screen prints.
Robin Gnista is the guy who has made most of the beautiful posters for the Stockholm music club Pussy Agogo.
You’ll be able to pick up one of his posters at the ART MARKET during Bibliotekets opening hours.

Link – robingnista.com
Robin Gnista

Heavy packages totally sold out!

So now it finally happened! Both Heavy Package I & II are now totally sold out! The screen printed posters are printed in a very limited amount, but there will still be a few available for sale at the 13th Sign / HDDT merch stand. Same goes with both designs of the t-shirts; the majority has sold out via the Heavy Packages, but there will still be a few available at the fest. So show up early and secure yourself a print or a shirt before its too late.

We still have around 180 3 day tickets left. They are moving fast these days, so to those of you who are planning on buying tickets at the door, maybe you should consider buying a 3-day ticket in case they sell out…

Tickets will be for sale online up until the day before the fest. If the event doesn’t sell out, you will be able to buy one day tickets at the door for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Ungdomshuset.


If you cant afford the ticket, we still need a few volunteers for the last shifts, so dont’t hesitate – write Maria at heavydaysdoomtown.volunteer@gmail.com if you want to support your local DIY doom/stoner/sludge event!


Myreskær (dk) – live acoustic performance at the art opening at Loppen Thursday 30th April!

Now that we are less than two weeks until the festival is upon us, we are keeping busy finalizing all of the last minute details and making sure that everything is in order for our final Heavy weekend!
Today we have a special announcement regarding the opening of the art exhibit, which takes place on Thursday April 30th at Loppen!

The warm-up show itself is sold out, but we will be opening the doors at Loppen at 17:00 for the first art exhibition, and everyone is welcome to come by, enjoy some wine and snacks and check out the exhibiting artists.
At Loppen we will feature the art of THE 13th SIGN COLLECTIVE from Berlin, and MARALD VAN HAASTEREN from The Netherlands.

You will be able to check-in with your weekend tickets and get your wristband, and if you ordered a Heavy Package you can pick it up here! We encourage you to get there early and get checked in for the festival, so that you don’t miss anything! If you have never explored Christiania before, we highly recommend making a full day out of it before heading over to Loppen.

To accompany the visual art this evening we will be hosting a special live acoustic performance from Copenhagen’s own MYRESKÆR!

Danish garage-blues-psych project Myreskær is simple, flowing quietly into your ear canal leaving traces of quirky events that will stick to your mind. The sound universe is psych-blues with folk sneaking its way in, yet all in all it is rocking and loud.
Myreskær’s album “Umiddelbart Banalt” is split in two parts. The first written, recorded and played by Myre Knudsen in New York and Copenhagen. These recordings were made at random with amplifiers, instruments and microphones that were simply within reach, making this part of the album more desperate and lo-fi in its ambiance and expression. This is the embryo of Myreskær. January 2014 brought the recordings for the Second part of the album which are backed by a full band! The Second is a metamorphosis of sound. Between the two formats of creatoin, Myreskær develops and you can hear the growth which brings a different vibration but a nuance in soul; Desperation, sorrow, love, change and emotion!

Check out Myreskær here:


Update from the HDDT headquarters…

Today we start the 2 week countdown to the final edition of HDDT! We are all super excited and working full speed 24 hours a day preparing for the fest!

As many of you know all the 4-day tickets are long gone, but dont despair… If you are still considering coming up for the heaviest event of 2015, we still have a limited amount of 3 day tickets left. If you are interested in securing yourself the amazing screenprinted HDDT 2015 poster and one of our limited t-shirt designs we have 5 (yes you read correct!) Heavy Package II left!!!!

Tickets will be for sale online up until the day before the fest. If the event doesnt sell out, you will be able to buy one day tickets at the door for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Ungdomshuset.


If you cant afford the ticket, we still need a few volunteers for the last shifts, so hesitate – write Maria at heavydaysdoomtown.volunteer@gmail.com if you want to support your local DIY doom/stoner/sludge event!

Besides that we can inform you that TASTE THE DOOM (Whiskey tasting event Saturday at Biblioteket) has now been totally sold out. You can sign up for the waiting list by writing this email: worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Copenhagen in May for Europe’s heaviest underground event of 2015!
//HDDT Crew

HDDT final

Taste the Doom sold out!

Taste The Doom 21 is now sold out! You can still mail worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com to get on the waiting list.



Today we are introducing another event taking place during HDDT in our neighboring building Nordvest Biblioktek & Kulturhus along with the exhibition, the Art Market and Virus Cinema; after last years success we are happy to announce:
Taste the Doom 21 – Heavy Days In Doomtown Edition pt. II!

Finest Whisky plus Doom and Drone Metal – welcome to an exquisite afternoon with Peter Votava and Lars Lundehave Hansen.

Saturday 02/05 16.00 Sharp @ Nordvest Biblioktek & Kulturhus
Ticket: 250 Dkr. Reservations is compulsory and must be made by email to worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com

You are cordially invited to share with us two of the most delightful things in life: Drinking excellent whisky and listening to a splendid mix of Doom and Drone Metal. We will spoil you with a hand-picked selection of seven outstanding whiskies, which will be introduced to you one by one. Each dram will then be enjoyed while listening to a selected mix of the finest drone/doom-metal matched to accompany this liquid pleasure. This event will take place in English. Registration for the limited seats are an absolute must!


“Until I tried them together, neither single-malt whisky nor doom metal made much sense to me. The first seemed overrated — a decent drink but hardly worthy of all the macho lore and rhapsodizing on peat content and cask type. As for doom metal, with its sludgy guitars and demon voices, it was hard to imagine it being enjoyed unironically by actual adults — or really anyone not planning a murder-suicide. But then, when I tried them at the same time, it all made perfect sense.

For the past two years, I’ve been joining a revolving group of enthusiasts — mostly black-clad 30- and 40-somethings — in the back rooms of various Berlin bars for a ritual that’s somewhere between a wine tasting and a Black Mass. Started in 2011 by the Danish sound artist Lars Lundehave Hansen, and Peter Votava, an Austrian electronic musician who was part of the cultish early rave duo Ilsa Gold, Taste the Doom pairs seven drams of small-batch and single-malt whiskies with doom metal tracks about 15 minutes long. The tickets sell out within hours.

Both whisky and doom metal also seem fine-tuned for existential pain, something typically best experienced in solitude. Yet somehow this works as a group ritual. By the end of the seventh dram, the whole room always seems downright jovial.”
Charly Wilder / The New York Times


Today we have added a new section to our website called “EVENTS”. Under the event section you will find under-categories of different events going on during HDDT. We will be announcing the events in the coming days.

Today we start of with VIRUS CINEMA presented by Jens Franco!

Virus Cinema aka Virus Bio returns to HDDT with four psychotronic cult gems specially handpicked by Jens Franco. The movies will be shown at the library next to Ungdomshuset where you can ease your hangovers in peace in the afternoon with colorful entertainment from the truly wild side of cinema.

Nordvest Biblioktek & Kulturhus
Rentemestervej 76
2400 København NV

Movies will be shown Saturday and Sunday in the “Bydelslaboratoriet” located on the 3rd floor of the library. Just follow the signs.

The Devil Rides Out

the-devil-rides-out_webSaturday 2nd May 15.00
95 mins. 1968. England

This satanic shocker from the legendary Hammer Film Studios is graced by a star performance by the even more legendary horror icon Sir Christopher Lee (“Lord Of The Rings“, “Wicker Man“). For once Lee joins the forces of good as he battles a devil coven of unspeakable evil and wonderful dated special effects. The gothic horror classic is based on a famous novel by Dennis Wheatley (“To The Devil A Daughter”) and directed by Hammer legend Terence Fisher (“The Horror Of Dracula”).

La Planete Sauvage aka Fantastic Planet

La Planete Sauvage aka Fantastic Planet_webSaturday 2nd May 17.00
72 mins. 1973. Czech/France

Virus Cinema is proud to present our very first showing of an animation feature, the psychedelic science fiction masterpiece “Fantastic Planet”. Humans are kept as domesticated pets by alien giants on a planet called Ygam packed with wonders, terror and strange creatures. Will the humans succeed with a revolut against their superior captors? Five years in the making this mindaltering cult classic is also graced by an amazing trippy soundtrack by Alain Goraguer.

Danger: Diabolik

danger_diabolik_poster_03_webSunday 3rd May 15.00
100 mins. 1968. Italy/France

Horror maestro Mario Bava is mostly known for his gothic shockers like “Black Sunday” and “The Whip and The Body”. This colorful feature is based on the Italian comic strip Diabolik about an unstoppable criminal mastermind, here played by John Phillip Law joined by his beautiful girlfriend Marisa Mell. Together they pull off amazing heists that leave the police baffled and confused. By far the best movie based on a comic book ever released! The Ennio Morricone fuzzguitar-driven rock’n’roll soundtrack is one of his greatest and should please every doom rocker at HDDT.

Near Dark

near-dark_webSunday 3rd May 17.00
94 mins. 1987. USA

Oscar winner Katryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”) released her 2nd feature which failed at the box office. It has since developed a massive cult following and rightfully so as “Near Dark” is without a doubt the best vampire movie of the 80’s! A family of nomadic outlaw bloodsuckers led by Lance Henriksen (“Terminator”, “Aliens”) spread mayhem and havoc in the American country side as they decimate humans after humans. Bill Paxton’s character is based on Lux Interior of The Cramps and the incredible score is created by synth krautrock gods of Tangerine Dream. Forget “Twilight” and sink your fangs into this violent horror masterpiece.