Heavy Days In Doom Town

Gothenburgs finest 70`ies rockers Horisont to the hit the stage at HDDT!!!

Tonight’s announcement comes with great excitement, as the band has actually been on the Heavy Days wish list for years! Since forming in 2006, this Swedish quintet have steadily established themselves as one of Europe’s premier underground rock bands. You can see first-hand the cause for our enthusiasm when HORISONT hit the stage!

Real rock‘n’roll cannot be faked. It is the immortal celebration of prized atavistic values – power and volume, sweat and adrenalin, uncompromising good times and the invigorating squall of past, present and future colliding. Those with the artistry and soul required to make music that stirs the blood will never stop chasing that distant horizon, and so Horisont have both the name and the know-how to blow minds and disperse life’s oppressive clouds. They are real rock’n’roll incarnate: an exhilarating blast of sonic euphoria, custom built to raise spirits and quicken the pulse of any right-thinking rock or metal fan.

Horisont have tapped directly into the heart of heaviness and guitar-wielding derring-do, gleefully obliterating the divide between the wonders of the distant past and the unmistakable allure of the here and now. This band consistently display a magic touch, rendering every last note, riff and melody in majestic Technicolor 70’s glory! Get those hips ready to shake at HDDT!

Check them out here:


Neo-folk hero King Dude to play HDDT!

Commemorating the final edition of HDDT, we are hosting something a little different. This year, we are having a “Sunday Mass” of sorts – a proper funerary finale. Coming from Seattle and bringing Lucifer’s light upon us all, the visionary KING DUDE!!!

Pulling together the biblical sound and isolation of the bygone days of revelation with an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, King Dude has woven his own brand of American music. Evoking bleak desolation with ballad style tracks, next to hymnal blues numbers rattling onward like dusty bones, he brandishes many varied influences in his songwriting – everything from British Folk, Americana, Country, Black Sabbath and the Blues can be heard in his songs. Ominous, esoteric and profound, it is impossible not to be drawn in by the somber and dark choral atmosphere immaculately created by King Dude. Deep and gritty, stained by hardship and driven by passion, his ghostly voice is even met with notes dragged from the depths of heavy metal, slithering their way into the King Dude canon. Commonly described as dark and occult neo-folk, the music begs the soul to lift itself up from the darkness of ignorance, towards the ever shining and glorious ‘light’ that exists outside of us all yet that which we are eternally connected to – at once connecting everyone on earth.

King Dude will lift you up and bring you down with his Luciferian blues at the Sunday Mass, sending off HDDT into the abyss.

Check them out here:

hooded dude_web

Chiles Epic Doomsters Capilla Ardiente to play first ever European show at HDDT!

The band we are presenting tonight are venturing all the way from Chile, to blanket you in beautiful and epic doom! It is an honor to have them on stage at HDDT, as they have not yet played on European soil. We proudly bring you CAPILLA ARDIENTE!!

An Epic Doom metal band from Chile, Capilla Ardiente features members from the amazing PROCESSION who have previously graced the Heavy Days stage. Formed by Claudio Botarro Neira and Felipe Plaza Kutzbach in 2002, the band was created with the only purpose of playing from the heart, and worshiping the epic riffing of bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Sorcerer and Solstice, mixing in the rawness and weight of Heavy Metal and even Thrash.

Capilla Ardiente is a Spanish phrase, translating to “Burning Chapel”. The words allude to where the recently deceased are to receive their funerary rites. Namely their home, church, or another specific personal place, it is atmospherically lit by many funeral candles – hence the ‘burning’ element. Flowing melodies carress harmonious guitar pairings, amongst intense and ever-changing riffing. Audible and catching basslines, along with the prominent vocals stand out within the genre, and all of these elements are wrapped in the dark and gloomy atmosphere of traditional doom metal.

In 2013 the band recorded their debut album “Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness”, which has had excellent reviews and feedback both from media and followers of the band. The LP was released by High Roller Records and later that year, their first live show was performed to a full venue in Chile!

2015 will see the first European tour from the band, where they will spread their sound amongst different countries and important festivals such as Muskelrock in Sweden!

Check them out here:

Capilla Ardiente_web

Swedish Head of the Demon to play HDDT 2015!!!

Tonight’s band have been referred to as ‘advocates of anything ancient, shadowy, and obscure that vanishes with the dawn.’ Which perfectly coincides with the atmosphere they created on their self-titled full length, released in 2013. We are proud to present the ominous HEAD OF THE DEMON at the final celebration of all things slow and heavy!!

Swedish group Head of the Demon are not easily described, nor is the feeling of woe and the not entirely unpleasant emptiness you are left with after experiencing their unique sound. As expressed in a review of their S/T full length earlier this year, “After an hour or so spent with the Swedes’ debut, I fell into a stretch of utter hopelessness. The sun wasn’t ever coming up again, and I’d yearned a bottle of absinthe in which to drown my woes.” The sun is forever setting on Heavy Days in Doomtown, and Head of the Demon’s somber mesh of doom and black metal elements shall crest the funeral pyre fittingly.

Harsh, hoarse, strained vocals are laid atop minimalistic yet unnerving and unsettling riffs – winding through obscurity and at times becoming more powerful to rival the growing heaviness in the percussion. Prevalent bass lines and occasional, haunting organ effects draw the listener further into the chasm of discontent. Head of the Demon will drag you into darkness at HDDT 2015!

Check them out here:


Ultimate stoner trio REEFER to play HDDT!!!

Can’t find your bong? With a lineup featuring the names Inhalator, Weed Wizard, and The Grim Reefer, we might have an idea where it went….Blazing Heavy Days at the final edition….. We present to you Copenhagen’s own unique stoner death outfit REEFER!

During the winter of 2010, hazed and clouded, two smokey locals with too much time on their hands decided to start jamming some heavy rock and headed down the Catacombs of Copenhagen to set free their regurgitated version of heavy tunes. Putting down the joints and picking up their instruments, stoner death act REEFER manifested in the fog.

With stoned slow drumming, fuzzy down-tuned riffs and bong-gurgling vocals REEFER were slowly rocking for 2 years in a dank rehearsal space ‘til they got an offer to play a show – and thus decided to have a fellow red-eye join on bass to make the entity proper heavy in the live installment. The now trio then recorded their three song demo tape “Bow Before the Altar of the Drugs” in time to have a release ready for their debut show, playing at a warm-up show for the Heavy Days in Doomtown festival in February 2013!

Since then Reefer have played a few local shows, and on low heat brewed new songs for future toe-tapping listening pleasures…
….If only they could remember how to tap their toes!

Drowned in bong-water may seem a terrible fate to some, but for the crowd at this year’s HDDT we think it will suit just fine!

Check them out here:


German 2-piece Mantar to wreck the stage at HDDT IV!!!

Today we are presenting a unique two piece, who’s last album release in 2014 was a raw, self-produced, 100% DIY display of power! The half German and half Turkish duo are set to destroy with their vicious lashing of heaviness at HDDT. Combining elements of Doom, Punk and Sludge with a healthy dose of black bile, we give you MANTAR!!!!!

Despite being only fueled by drums and guitar, the music of Hamburg based MANTAR will crush you with the fluidity and force of a thousand waterfalls. In spite of not having the usual accompaniment of a bass guitar, the band manage to bring forth a heaviness that many 5 pieces struggle to deliver! Full of filth and fuzz, ferocious and harsh vocals, anvil-heavy riffs and just the right dash of southern swagger to round it all off, the musical style is as refreshing as it is devastating. Collapsing into doom laden passages cloaked in darkness and drenched in black metal tendencies, each song decimates the listener with fiery aggression.

The band have been described as the ‘sure soundtrack to the coming apocalypse’. Harnessing such intensity and ugliness, this deadly duo are sure to knock you sideways with their performance at Heavy Days – The Final Edition!

Check them out here:


The Order of Israfel from Sweden to lay their heavy tunes upon HDDT!

There are bands that are just too big and wide-ranging to fit in a box, like the band we are announcing tonight. Perhaps that’s how it’s gotten so late in the evening…! With two members of the line-up already have made it big in the Doom scene, we can be sure this Swedish epic doom band will be well enjoyed at HDDT. Without further delay, before the clock strikes midnight ….. THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL!

A project put together by heavy hitters all around, Tom Sutton (ex Church of Misery), Patrik Andersson Winberg (Doomdogs), Hans Lilja and Staffan Björck have emerged from Gothenburg as THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL, forming an addictive fusion of classic Sabbath like doom, 70’s hard rock, The Obsessed and the Cathedral school of mega heavy riffs.

THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL are rooted in Doom, but they shouldn’t be reduced to the pure slow-motion sound. Their debut album Wisdom is more complex, and has been referred to as mystical and mysterious – a magic which we look forward to sharing with the HDDT crowd. Full of grandeur and epic beauty, this is not music to be consumed just casually, but as a panoramic sound with invitation to dive into tempting and dangerous worlds. Doom, Hard Rock, Metal, Folk – THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL play with many elements and form a powerful and moving blend, with high potential to get hopelessly hooked!

Check them out here:


Hooded Menace to spread horror and doom at HDDT 2015!

Bringing up the level of death at this years’ HDDT, the band we are announcing tonight draw influence from the rotting, eyeless Templar knights who rode upon grim horses and drank the blood of their victims. The slow, heavy pacing of the blind dead is decomposing in the riffs and in the drum beats of Finland’s finest, HOODED MENACE!!!

Hooded Menace formed in 2007, very much influenced by the 80´s Candlemass, early Cathedral and Paradise Lost, Winter, Autopsy and Asphyx. Wanting to play heavily doom-laden death metal that combined crushing, somber riffs with a hint of melody,the band drew lyrical inspiration from the classic 70’s Spanish horror series the Blind Dead that included the films “Tombs of the Blind Dead”, “Return of the Evil Dead”, “Horror of the Zombies”, and “Night of the Seagulls”.

Cloaked in doom, and trudging along like a horde of the undead, you can feel the weight of the Templar horses hooves on your chest as Hooded Menace perform their spine chilling horror show. Murky, raw and coarse the combination of doom and early 90’s style death metal is reminiscent of the gurgling of a final death rattle.

Ominous, dark, and sure to invoke unease, the malevolent force that is Hooded Menace will surely exhume some cobwebbed corpses and bring the cold hands of death clawing at your back at the doomsday edition of HDDT.

Check them out here:

hooded M gammal_web

Conan will return to crush Heavy Days in 2015!

Again tonight we are announcing a band who have graced the HDDT stage in the past – and we couldn’t be happier to have them back! If you attended the festival in 2013, you may recall beer bottles jumping a foot off the ground as the floor quaked under the immense weight of their monolithic tones and barbarian tales! Back to destroy your hearing for good….. the almighty CONAN!!!

The UK trio began shaking floors in 2006, and have steadily increased in force ever since with their “caveman battle doom”, each new release as punishing as the last. Having mastered an exquisite blend of riff-largesse and memorable hooks finding their perfect niche in the sprawling and droned-out wall of sound that Conan push forth, they conquer the stage with bludgeoning force.
Through yawning chasms and bleak devastated battlefields they deliver riffs and tone so grim and so thick that the Gods turn away, to avoid suffocating under the band’s unearthly might.

The newest album “Blood Eagle” released in 2014 is their most relentless material yet, and their live shows have become legendary – caving in chest cavities with their abyssal, droning, charging heaviness wherever they play. Conan rivals the deepest rumblings from the pit of the earth itself, and if you have yet to experience their wrath we assure you that you will be blown away. Don’t forget your earplugs!

Check them out here:

conan NY_web

GUEVNNA from Japan to play one off show at HDDT!

We are incredibly lucky and honored for the HDDT legacy to reach a variety of countries and cultures, and this year we are pleased as punch to bring a group from Japan for an exclusive show – just for you!!!! Tokyo Heavy Rock Quartet GUEVNNA comes back to Copenhagen just to stir up the final edition of Heavy Days in Doom Town!

GUEVNNA was born in late 2011, with no solid plans… only the understanding that the guys love Bongzilla and Iron Monkey. At first these two bands gave strong influence to their sound; however, gradually they added elements of their other favorites… such as New Wave and Disco Music, to their big fuzz stream. The group are now reaching a quite unique state, combining heavy doom/sludge and “danceable” music. Directly quoted, “It’s like Bongzilla and Iron Monkey united, and produced by Giorgio Moroder.”

Featuring those low and brutal vocals made famous by front man Rio’s previous endeavors with COFFINS, and accompanied by surprisingly groovy jams, GUEVNNA have forged themselves a unique pocket in the Doom community.

So how can we describe their music? Dance Doom? Groove Sludge? Or Stoner Disco?
The band have decried that categorizing is no use for them… We shall all just surrender ourselves to their filthy, heavy, groovy ritual!

Check them out here:


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