Heavy Days In Doom Town

TAURUS cancels their performance at HDDT

We have some bad news today… We are sorry to announce that TAURUS (us) have had to to cancel their performance at Heavy Days as well as the rest of the planned Euro tour. Due to complications with Stevie Floyd’s pregnancy, it is unfortunately not possible for them to tour at this time.
They have sent some words below;
-TAURUS regretfully has to announce that we will not be able to play the Heavy Days In Doom Town festival, or any other of our upcoming European shows. We feel terrible about this decision and we were so excited about touring for our new record No/Thing which we have worked so hard on, but Stevie’s pregnancy is just too important and has caused a lot more pressure and attention than she expected. Stevie’s words…“I truly thought that I could make this happen and follow through with this tour but certain elements were just out of my control. My health and daughter have to come first. I hope that we can make this happen next year.”-

We wish Stevie and Taurus the best in the upcoming time and hope to see this through at next years Heavy Days!

We have already found a replacement for TAURUS that we will announce tomorrow, so look out for the announcement…


As promised we are bringing some shots of the “HEAVY PAGAGE” contents. The 13th Sign Collective have really outdone themselves this year and have created some truly beautiful designs for the fest merch. There will be 2 t-shirt designs for sale and a special limited edition screen printed poster. All merch comes in very limited amounts, so if you wanna secure yourself a t-shirt in the right size or one of the amazing posters, hurry up and buy your “Heavy Package” online:

Picture 17_web

Picture 18_web

Picture 19_web

HDDT merch

Today we are presenting the latest and hottest bag for the globetrotting record collecting doom fan. The bag is designed and printed by the 13th Sign Collective and will be sold at the festival exclusively in a limited amount.

Tomorrow we will post some teaser photos of “Heavy Package”.


There are still tickets left for the fest, but there is only around 10 4-day tickets left, so hurry up and secure your tickets for HDDT here:

Taste The Doom 16: The Heavy Days In Doomtown edition

After 2 years of sucessfully providing whisky & doom-metal to the resident people of Berlin, Amsterdam, Aarhus and Copenhagen, Taste The Doom are now joining forces with Heavy Days In Doomtown to give you the 16th tasting on a new and un-precedented scale. We’ve got a BIGGER pa, STRONGER whisky, HEAVIER doom but LIMITED seats, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t join us at the most spectacular event to date! Always pushing the limit in an attempt to best ourselves when searching for that particular crushing riff that will match that liquid gold so superbly, we GUARANTEE you will not be dissapointed! For this special Heavy Days In Doomtown edition we will look for the musical line-up among the bands of this years festival. Previous mix & matches can be found on www.tastethedoom.com

Date: 02/05 2014 – 16-19 hrs.
Place: Nordvest Kulturhus
Price: 250 dkr
Amount: 7 excellent whiskies
Capacity: Min. 15 / Max. 32 people.

You must reserve your ticket online before Friday 25/04!. Send a mail to worshipthedram@tastethedoom.com with the subject: “TTD16″

taste the doom HDDT edition_web

Demon Head 7” Release on Heavy Days In Doomtown 2014

The first vinyl from Demon Head finally came through and we are excited to share it with you! Please join us at our official release right before we open the Dödsmakinen stage saturday 3rd of may, in the backyard of Ungdomshuset.

We’ll bring the infamous rock-machine tape recorder with a shit load of mix-tapes, including the Thin Lizzy hit mix, to warm up your detoxing brains, along with some free beer, wine snacks or whatever. Besides that we are bringing merchandise, the single and the last couple of demo tapes. As an extra feature to fund the release of our 12” we are bringing THE HEAVY ROCK TOMBOLA with a 100% chance of winning amazing prices!The Demon Head 7” is released on heavy vinyl in 500 copies on danish psychedelic, stoner- and spacerock record label Levitation Records.


Backyard of Ungdomshuset
Saturday 3rd of May
14.00 – 16.00 hours
Demon Head Live: 16.00 at Dödsmaskinen.


More, more, more art!

This time we are announcing Hrvoje Karalic from Croatia! and Rev.B.Pan from Berlin.

Hrvoje Karalics skills were honored at Savannah College of Art and Design, for which he received a scholarship. Savannah’s DIY heavy music scene was a huge inspiration for him, as well as the bands’ attention to his artwork. After graduation he hit the road, and his elaborate “Can You Spare a Ticket” signs were seen for over a decade in front of concerts throughout U.S. and Europe, wherever his hitchhiking luck would take him. A diehard film fan, he’s been volunteering at the Sitges fantastic film festival for the past 8 years. His silkscreened concert posters so far were for Swans, Melvins, and two for Neurosis, with a third Neurosis poster in the works.
Rev.B.Pan is a lady that is coming to HDDT for the second time bringing her installations and magical world for you to enter.
Rev.b pan works in a wide range of mediums and materials. Shown here is a series of boxes, multi-medium collages reminiscent of Joseph Cornell. Intricate constructions made of things found and scavenged from the streets and markets, the discarded fragments of once beautiful and precious objects that rely on the surrealistic technique of irrational juxtaposition to tell a story in their correlation. These boxes form a poetry from the commonplace, a theatre of memory that evokes a strong and almost instinctive emotion, a nostalgia vivid with half remembered fantasies that reminds us ultimately of the strangeness of the familiar, and the odd familiarity of the strange.

Enjoy there work in 2 weeks only!
B.Pan och Hervoje

More ART to make your eyes glitter!

The art lineup keeps expanding and we are very happy for it! Today we can tell you that both Rose Angelo Johansen and Jas Helena has been added amongst others!
Rose is one of our danish sisters and co organiser at HDDT festival and she will exhibit some of her beautiful artwork at HDDT this year! Unfortunately she will not be able to attend herself but she will be there in spirit and through her artwork. This lady is so much a part of the music and the spirit of this festival that we think Its a given and obvious that she shall exhibit at the festival. Her artwork is Nordic Gothic ink on paper. It is simple and perfect but yet full of details, darkness and mystic! Enjoy her works!
And Jas Helena is a lady orginating from California, USA. She specialize in all black pen and ink art work. She is mainly inspired through occult, architecture, nature, and the baroque. It has only been a year and a half since she has been putting her art out however in that time she has accomplished much. She has worked with several metal bands including Amarok and Funerary and we expect big things from her in the future!
Enjoy these treasures!!!
Rose och JasHelena

Last tickets for the warm-up show!!!

We are down to THE VERY LAST tickets for the warm up show. So if you wanna join the fest for all 4 days, you better HURRY UP!!! There are still plenty of tickets for the 3 days at UNGDOMSHUSET.

Get your tickets here:

HDDT 2014 Running Order ANNOUNCED!

It took us a while, but now we are ready to announce the RUNNING ORDER for HDDT III!

The festival is getting closer and closer and we are really looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

If you still havent bought your ticket, hurry up and get it before its too late! You can buy your tickets here:

Thursday: Loppen:
22.00 Yuri Gagarin (swe)
23.00 Switchblade (swe)
00.00 Eagle Twin (us)

DJ Acid Cloak (dk)

Friday: Ungdomshuset
17.00 Main stage: Oranssi Pazuzu (fin)
18.00 Dødsmaskinen: Vidunder (swe)
19.00 Main stage: Dread Sovereign (irl)
20.00 Dødsmaskinen: Leechfeast (sl)
21.00 Main stage: Abysmal Grief (it)
22.00 Dødsmaskinen: Taurus (us)
23.00 Main stage: Loss (us)
24.00 Dødsmaskinen: Glitterwizard (us)
01.00 Main stage: “Dwellers in Twilight” -performed in its entirety by members of Aldebaran and Shadow of the Torturer (us)

DJ Rockadelika (swe)

Saturday: Ungdomshuset
16.00 Dødsmaskinen: Demon Head (dk)
17.00 Main stage: Isole (swe)
18.00 Dødsmaskinen: Dopelord (pl)
19.00 Main stage: The Body (us)
20.00 Dødsmaskinen: Witchsorrow (uk)
21.00 Main stage: Graves at Sea (us)
22.00 Dødsmaskinen: Nightslug (d)
23.00 Main stage: Sourvein (us)
24.00 Dødsmaskinen: Doublestone (dk)
01.00 Main stage: Skepticism (fin)

DJ Acid Cloak (dk)

Sunday: Ungdomshuset
14.00 DJ Rockadelika (swe) playing records in the yard

16.00 Main stage: Whitehorse (aus)
17.00 Dødsmaskinen: Purple Hill Witch (n)
18.00 Main stage: Of the Wand and the Moon (dk)
19.00 Dødsmaskinen: Goatess (swe)
20.00 Main stage: Sabbath Assembly (us)
21.00 Dødsmaskinen: The Graviators (swe)
22.00 Main stage: Baby Woodrose (dk)
23.00 Dødsmaskinen: Uzala (us)
24.00 Main stage: Windhand (us)

DJ Rockadelika (swe)


Todays´s “Band Clip of the Day” is with the Polish DOPELORD. They have a new release out called “Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult” and you can check it out via their bandcamp site. Great stuff! http://dopelord.bandcamp.com/album/black-arts-riff-worship-weed-cult

There are still tickets left for sale for all 4 days of the fest, but we are running low on 4-day tickets, so hurry up and secure your tickets for HDDT here:


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